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The Greatest Girl Ever! (TheGreatestGirlEver) | 2 comments ((this is for a roleplay))

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) Sariah drove the pedal down harder.
"This isn't working. We won't make it." She kept saying over and over. The satyr in the front seat whimpered.
She looked in the mirror and saw the shadow behind her getting closer through the rain.
"Have you noticed, on top of everything else, it's raining?!" She asked the satyr, trying to be casual. It didn't really work.
Finally she saw the hill where the tree was, with the dragon curled around it. She sighed in relief. "We're going to make it!"
Then the shadow suddenly got a lot bigger. Sariah tried the pedal as hard as she could, but it was slippery. She skidded to a halt about halfway up the hill, and the engine died.
"Shoot." She muttered. She tried to start it up again, but it sputtered and died.
"Well, I guess we're running from here!" She shouted, and opened the door, sprinting toward the tree. The dragon was awake, but she doubted he noticed the monster. The satyr was sprinting after her. He slipped and fell, so she grabbed his arm and yanked him after her, both of them slipping and sliding. The monster made a swipe for Sariah, hitting her back, but then she was through.
Sariah gasped, but ignored it and stumbled down the hill. The satyr followed.
"Well. We'd better get you taken care of." He said.
Sariah nodded and followed him into camp.

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