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Elizabeth (Liz) (gonebananaz) | 101 comments Sometimes it feels binding. Sometimes there's no one there for you that understands. At times you just feel like giving up and letting the earth consume you. Sometimes you just want to cry. But there is comfort. There are things here that you can't find anywhere else. There is love. And there is pain. But most of all, there is truth. It can't be handed to you. You have to search. But when you do, there is nothing that can get in your way of doing what you know is right. There are no limits.

On looking back, there is a reason for everything. Our tears are counted and endless joy will forever be ours if we do what we know is right and live true to who we are. He will not leave us comfortless. He is there and loves us. People watch us.

One mistake isn't the end. There is always a chance to repent and become better, no matter how bad or how hard it is.

And that is a very confusing and befuddeled and not in the least complete description of what it's like the be in Christ's Church :)

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Ellen (thellenator) | 143 comments my friend told me the other day that she probably wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for the church. it makes me come to my senses that the church is here for us, and me, and it makes me want to repent and become perfect.

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Savannah (namesavannah-catcherinsoftball) | 236 comments you said it all right there Ellen!

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