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Elizabeth (Liz) (gonebananaz) | 101 comments Last year, my mom (our seminary teacher) had us write our view on the Savior, this is what I wrote:
"This year, with the New Testament, I've gained and learned so much. Though there have been trials and mistakes, I've learned to love Christ and about his atoning blood. But I also know that Christ had fun, there was joy in His journey. And, like him, we have a divine purpose. We may not be here to save the world of sin and spiritual death, but Christ died for our potential. He died because he loves us. We each knew him and have the opportunity to get to know him despite the viel. We each have a divine purpose within us that Christ, as our brother, helps us to reach. He is with us when we are tossed upon the waters. We are all unique and individual, we each have a unique purpose that ONLY WE CAN DO. Without Christ, the Center of Time, we could not accomplish it to the best of our abilities. But he has removed that block, the tomb stone. It is done. He has saved us, now it is up to us.

"He has done so much for me. He has felt my pain, taken my PERSONAL sin. Set the perfect example.

"He is the King of Kings, the Only Begotten, my Redeemer. My Brother. My friend."

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Ellen (thellenator) | 143 comments our savior has died for me:) and you:) and everyone:)

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*Cheers wildly* Go Liz and Ellen!!! Yeah!!!

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