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no till, raised beds and keystone shapes

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message 1: by Sawsee2 (new)

Sawsee2 | 1 comments All my beds are in organic shapes without any physical borders. Once everything grows, my 4 foot wide beds quickly become 6 feet wide making access either impossible or difficult. I am now beginning to believe that any raised bed must be bordered/contained by wood or rocks to make it more manageable and use less water. Or make my organic shaped beds ground level. Any thoughts?

message 2: by Rook (new)

Rook | 3 comments When you make beds you have to account for the ultimate size of the plant. Change your spacing between plants and you will solve the problem.

You will also provide more sun per pant and have more productivity per plant.

message 3: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 2 comments I fill my paths up with rocks to hold the soil in the beds. Start with large rocks and then add increasingly smaller as you go up to get a smooth surface on the top. Also keeps the beds from drying out so much (I live in drought-prone Texas.)

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