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message 1: by scherzo♫ (last edited Aug 07, 2009 07:39AM) (new)

scherzo♫ (pjreads) Can someone tell me if these NYC hotels are ok?
They look great on the websites but I don't have a clue about NYC and once made an awful hotel choice online.

Econo Lodge Times Square

Comfort Inn Central Park West

We will be visiting NYC in OCT.
Thank you!

added 2 hrs later
I should've also asked about great NYC book stores.

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Ellis | 176 comments good question! I've never been to NY but this could be a wonderful trip - hope you get some local advice :)

message 3: by Robin (last edited Aug 06, 2009 06:09PM) (new)

Robin (rangelo43) | 23 comments I would recommend the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Tribecca... Its VERY reasonable. The rooms are small but very clean and neat. There is a great place for breakfast right across the street, I think it called the Soda Shoppe? . And lower Manhattan is full of great things to do...

message 4: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10025 comments Mod
I go to NYC once or twice a year, but only for day trips. Wish I could help but so glad to hear you are going to vacation there. What places do you plan on seeing/visiting??

Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews (silversreviews) Just don't stay at the Carter Hotel.

message 6: by scherzo♫ (last edited Aug 06, 2009 06:50PM) (new)

scherzo♫ (pjreads) Number 1 on my list is Van Gogh's Starry Night at the MOMA, then the Met, then a Broadway play, Central Park, Ground Zero, NY Public Library, then walking around NYC, a NY deli, just walking around in NYC, ...

message 7: by Robin (new)

Robin (rangelo43) | 23 comments Ground Zero is in lower manhattan near the cosmopolitan hotel. Southstreet Seaport is also close, you can sit and have a drink with a great view of Brooklyn. Have fun..October is a beautiful time to go!

message 8: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer I work in Manhattan so I'm not too sure about hotels but a lot of our clients stay at the Hilton on the Avenue of the Americas. (Not sure what your price range is - I haven't checked any rates!) lol It is between 53d & 54th street which is just enough out of Times Square that you can breathe but close enough to walk to a lot of places. The MoMa, 5th ave and Central Park are all really close. Whichever hotel you pick you can put the address into Google maps and points of interest come up so you can see what the general area is like.

Also, I've never been but I've heard great things about this book store if you want to check it out!

Good Luck and if you have any questions let me know!

message 9: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Also I noticed you added areas from NJ to look into - I currently commute from NJ so I honestly wouldn't recommend staying out of the city if you want to experience being in NYC. It turns into a hassle getting out of the city as train & bus schedules get wackier later in the day. It can get frustrating and may put a damper on your trip. Also the transportation is all cost per person and can add up when you factor in cabs, subway, etc.

Just a thought! Hope you find something that suits you!

message 10: by scherzo♫ (new)

scherzo♫ (pjreads) Thanks Jennifer,

I will check out the Hilton and Strand Books looks fabulous!

message 11: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 44 comments Courtyard by Marriott Times Square with AAA discount.

message 12: by Marci (new)

Marci (iread49) | 215 comments Hi PJ,

I am from South Jersey, my husband and I go to NYC 1 to 2 times a year for a few days. It is not a cheap trip and we just make up our mind that it is a splurge so we stay at nice hotels. The Essex House is on Central Park South - A great location, Central Park is Awsome!!! Also stayed at the Michaelangelo around 51st and the Waldorf Astoria. I avoid staying in Time Square, a must to visit but noisy. The Huson Hotel is uniquie but the room are ridicously small. The Metropolitian museum , Natural History Museum, Grand Central Station All are great. We have found New York to be extremely friendly and just to much to do!! Have a great trip!! My advice is Splurge!!!

Petra X on hiatus (or trying to be) (petra-x) I always stay in the Hampton Inn on Eighth Avenue. In fact, I almost always stay in Hampton Inns whenever I go to the US. Mostly because they have the best beds of any hotel anywhere, cloud-soft, sinkable-into, and fast wifi. Also I like their breakfasts and the fruit and snacks left out.

message 14: by Emily (new)

Emily I work in Manhattan and live in Queens, my previous office was right next to the Courtyard Marriott, at I think 112 W 40th Street (about 2 blocks from Times Square) and I always heard that it was nice. It is practically across the street from Bryant Park and the NYC library, and also not very far from Grand Central Station.

Definitely go to the Strand while you are in NYC, you won't regret it!

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