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Who is M. Catherine Thomas?

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Gabriele M.Catherine Thomas is a wife, a mother and a professor of ancient history.

I believe the purpose of this book is to illustrate ways in which we as God's children can welcome more light into our lives.

"The light is literal and continually seeks access to our awareness"
The mind is the frontier and the tool, and fixing the mind in spiritual awareness and practice is the key to continuing spiritual experience.

What did you like about Chapter 1, "Light in the Wilderness"?

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Sue Maxwell Chapter 1 is very metaphoric which is the way she writes. She uses the story of the Jaredite ocean voyage as a metaphor for our journey throough the wildernesses of our lives.

message 3: by Sue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sue Maxwell M. Catherine Thomas is not a professor of ancient history but was a professor of ancient scriptures. She is no longer working in the role but continues to write. Her husband is a recognized scholar on Wordsworth.

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