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((Albus Severus walked to HER Herbolagy class,!))((her?!?))

Teddy and Victoire((or something like that)) were snogging and eating chocolate because he was TRYING to teach her a proper Patronus Charm but got carried away.

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((ya haha thx, i don't know either, i don't think it says in the book...she's hermione's and ron's cousin though so it would be maybe george's kid or one of ron's brothers' kid, that makes sense, right?

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((what?? they are! they are cousins! and ron's brother...but o well1 i bet thats just how hermione see's it, not ron, she's the one who said it in d.h. he weasley's and the lupins aren't related.))

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Flor Saldana | 4 comments (((Victoire is Fluer and Bill's daughter and shes going out with Remus and Tonks son)))

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((and you know that how??? It doesn't say anything like that in the books!!!))

"Oh, just go away!" snapped Teddy

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((I mean i know who teddy's parents are but victoire???))

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Teddy just smiled. He had a lot more on his mind. Full moon was just a couple of days away.

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((s'okay, where were u?))

Teddy, hearing about how his father and his great friends became Animagases for him and his werewolf problem...he had no idea what he was going to do with his issue.

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He had no idea what to say to McGonagall about his condition because he had no idea of how it would help. And he couldn't talk the Potions teacher into giving him Wolfbane Potion either because he didn't know if it worked with half-werewolf people. Teddy kept going over in his mind of how painful it is to transform constantly on and off at every full moon. He made a disturbing sound that sounded like shuttering. A first-year looked at him. Teddy just smiled slightly.

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((i don't meant to be a total brat but ummm... how could teddy and albus be in the same Transfiguration class? sorry but i just thought i'd mention it. im such a harry potter geek aren't i? heheee))

Teddy's eyes did light up. He was thinking his encantation when he heard a disturbing sound.

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((o sorry... just ya know... thought i'd mention it... sorry :(...))

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((haha thx... its good to feel im not the only one out there!:D))

((geezzzz i don't know what im gonna rp! *nervous smile*))

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"Ooooooo! It's Lord Voldemort's ghost!" said Scorpio mockingly.

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((right. haha i knew that ;) hehee))

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Flor Saldana | 4 comments (( it does say it in the book. and also in an interview with JK Rowling.))

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Flor Saldana | 4 comments ((yeah sure you can roleplay))

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Scorpius just gave an evil grin and looked over to his group of pure bloods and wispered something.

"It's not like they no something i don't," thought Albus.

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((yes i know))

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((i know hehehee))

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((i'll play by the rules now. sorry))

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((haha where'd we leave off...? right. noise. mocking. voldemort. hmmm. cant think of anything to roleplay!))

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There was total silence. Everyone was watching the door. Nothing happened.

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Nickluckyawsome | 15 comments (( i like to talk in 1st person. Is that ok? withu))

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