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umm...not to be rude or anything but isn't draco's son called scorpius?

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Name:Teddy Lupin
Apperance:like lupin's and tonks' (sorry couldn't get a pic on here)
Any Special powers besides being a witch/wizard:great at the defense against the dark arts class
Personality:total fun but still a prefect
Other:parents are nymphadora tonks and remus lupin

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((and no offence but James is the older one))

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James! harry's kid smart one!

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who are you talking to?

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he has James(oldest, Albus(middle), and Lily(youngest

Nickluckyawsome | 15 comments Name: Nick [derp XD my name]
House: Gryffindor
Year: [N00B] 1st
Appearance: Black hair, Raybam glasses [lol wtf], smart, fast, agile, and most importantly NERDY!! XD
Special skills outside of wizardry: Rooftop jumping (parkour), Reading, Potions, Flying.
Age: 12
Parents: moms a Naga name: shanon dads a wizard name: dave.

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