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message 1: by Ian (new)

Ian Oeschger (oeschger) | 1 comments Thanks, Sara. Wilmington Reads...great.

I just added _Blood Done Signed My Name_ as a local read I thought some here might already have read. I read it last year, back when (I think) the author was down here doing some lectures, maybe even in short residence at UNCW (?).

Very good book, I thought. A fascinating sullying of some of the "first names" in Wilmington, too, according to their more or less intense implication in the racism of the time: McCrae, Roland Grise, etc.

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sarafem | 1 comments Mod
Hi Ian,
Thanks for adding this one; my father happens to have it and I swiped it after reading this. Haven't had a chance to get into it yet but I hope to start on it tomorrow.

I'll be interested in reading the history of some of Wilmington's forefathers; there have certainly been some interesting and controversial stories.

I hope we can get this group moving pretty soon but I don't know quite where to start and I think we are all waiting for one another to begin! Does anyone have any other ideas of books by local authors, or is there a book we might all want to read together? Let's talk about it!

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