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Twilight Tuesdays: MTV > 'Eclipse' Adds 'Silent Hill' Creepy Girl Jodelle Ferland To The Cast

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Angee Wentz (angee_saxey) | 1234 comments Mod
"Stop. The. Presses. You knew more news on the next "Twilight" movie was coming, and here it is. Jodelle Ferland, who scared the crap out of me in trailers for "Silent Hill" -- I refused to watch Christophe Gans' terrifyingly gory video game adaptation -- has joined the cast of "Eclipse," according to a news brief in Variety.

Ferland's character is described in the report as "a vampire who has just been turned." Do I take that to mean that she is a minor, perhaps even background, character? Or are there a number of candidates that she might be? I'm appealing to you Twilighters, since I'm a bit clueless on the "Eclipse" front. I will say that Ferland is a creepy little moppet. If director David Slade is trying to up the fear factor in "Twilight"'s third outing, she is a perfect casting choice.

How creepy? Hit the [link for MTV:] to see for yourself."


message 2: by Tanya (new)

Tanya | 586 comments omg she looks like a little princess, and then she's a monster


message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sfreeves) Mayhaps she's Bree? although she'd be a good Jane...

message 4: by Angee, Group Creator (new)

Angee Wentz (angee_saxey) | 1234 comments Mod
Yeah she is Bree. Perfect huh!

message 5: by Tanya (new)

Tanya | 586 comments Sarah wrote: "Mayhaps she's Bree? although she'd be a good Jane..."

lol if only she was a little older...

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