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How Spices Affect Your Body, Stimulate Your Mind, And Enhance Your Romance

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Why Were Columbus And The Rest Of The European Mariners Looking For India? And What Had Their Search To Do With Food?

"If my countryman had had the Indian's knowledge of spices,I would have conquered the whole world"
---Baber The Great,
Founder of the Mogul Empire

It is a misconception that all spices are hot and burn the tongue and stomach.

This, certainly, is not the case with spices such as cinnamon, saffron, cumin, just to name a few. Only some members of the pepper family have that chilli-hot, spicy effect.

The importance of spice has been recognized from ancient times for its medicinal, preservative and seasoning properties. Vast sums of money were invested by powerful European monarchs of the day to find alternative sea routes to India to trade for spices.

In the days when there was no refrigeration, spice was prized for its usefulness as a preservative as well as for its ability to enhance the nourishing power and taste of food.

Since imported spice was scarce and as costly as gold, silver, coral and precious stones it was not affordable by the general public.

Even to this day the Dutch have a saying: "It is as costly as pepper". All of the above contributed to the mystique of spice.

Now, of course, we cross continents in a matter of hours with the result that the price of Indian spice is reasonable and affordable.

Its availability and the increasing awareness of the medicinal as well as the exotic qualities of spices and herbs has motivated a large number of people in Europe and America to use spice in their cooking.

What is the secret of spicing food?

The magic of spicing is in the blending. It is called "Masala". Mastering the art of cooking is in knowing how to blend the different spices.

The intent of Romancing the Stove book is to make you a master in no time.

You will have the key to not only cooking mouth watering dishes, but also the key to perfect health.

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Veronica Sidhu | 1 comments It's amazing how healthful spices like turmeric, ginger, cumin and coriander can be to ward off Alzheimer's and keep the digestive system in order. These very spices are the ones that are most used in authentic Punjabi cooking which I explore in Menus and Memories From Punjab: Meals to Nourish Body and Soul. Find out moreat

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