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I KNEED U GUYS HELP!!!!!!!!!!! PLEAESE!!!!!!!!

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thnkz 4 helpin everyone

message 2: by [deleted user] (new) I will help!

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) ditto

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) i have sent this big pm to the one who "Runs this joint" on magistream.

First off, sorry to bother you, you're probably a busy person, so I understand if you don't want to even bother reading this pm. But, my friend on magistream, Keeah, was banned from the website. I understand that rules are rules and there can't really be exceptions for any one. Well, I talked to Keeah very recently, and she said her friend was over that day and her friend wanted to show Keeah her account. So she logged into her account that day and you probably took it that Keeah had two accounts. I understand very clearly where that came from. You wouldn't have any idea that her friend was just getting on to show Keeah her account. So, I hope you understand that I am just trying to justify my friend, because she was banned for no reason.

I'm sorry to waste your time with this pm, and thank you for if you actually took your time and read it. Please don't ban because I pmed you. All my wish is that I would very much appreciate it if you unbanned my friend. Again, thank you. I know you'll make the right decision.

Sarahrox :D

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^^ great! He is busy....he's replacing all the creatures that have been lost

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) o wow

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) i doubt he'll even read mine than

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no he'll read it! I know he will

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) awesome! i hope it works

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Tara It's great! Good job!

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thank u guys so much!

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I sent him one! I already deleted theat in my yinbox so I dnt remember what it said, bit it was long!

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) lol

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thanks guys!

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) np, look what pm i got...

"I just unbanned keeah. You can tell her she can return to the site. I'll send her a PM and explain."

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) lol

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I have a shop! Who ever wants a Puvia for 600 g go there!

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) g2g, b back l8r

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) [image error]

did u mean this?

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How do you link it?

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) um, i think u put

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) actually, i g2g, ttyl

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oooo cool!

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) lol

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