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message 1: by Lenore (new)

Lenore  (lenorenrr) | 528 comments Has anyone read this book? It was released not very long ago (June or July). It looks to be a promising new young adult series. The reviews on Amazon weren't plentiful, but highly rated. Can you help?

message 2: by Shannon (last edited Aug 05, 2009 08:58PM) (new)

Shannon (theholyterror) | 313 comments This definitely isn't a new series, they've just been out of print for years. I have to say that this is really what got me into vampire books in the first place. Read them back in the early 90s, and I loved them as well as most everything Pike wrote.

message 3: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Borland (kgborland) Apparently they are doing the same thing for Pike that they did for L.J. Smith and her Vampire Dairies..which are sadly being turned into a tv show...

Plenty of better vamp series and they pick that sorry for speel :P

message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia (rhodium_maiden) | 53 comments Lenore, yes! Christopher Pike's The Last Vampire series - which is what this is, repackaged and retitled - is not only my favourite book/series of all time (yes, really! and I am very well read), but by leaps and bounds the best vampire story ever. The form of vampirism is fantastic; simply ideal. The characters are incredible. The dialogue, plot, and messages conveyed (many of them intensely spiritually and philosophical) are flawless.

If you like vampires at MUST read these! And Shannon also makes a good point: everything by Pike is awesome - he's my favourite author.

message 5: by Lenore (new)

Lenore  (lenorenrr) | 528 comments Okay. Lol. Thanks for the great recommendation Julia. I will try to get my hands on the first two then.

message 6: by Julia (new)

Julia (rhodium_maiden) | 53 comments Let me know what you think. :)

And yeah...I'm very enthusiastic. I rarely see Pike or tLV series mentioned so I get pretty excited when it happens!

message 7: by Lenore (new)

Lenore  (lenorenrr) | 528 comments tLV series?

message 8: by Julia (new)

Julia (rhodium_maiden) | 53 comments The Last Vampire series. Bruised thumbnail so I'm lazy. :D

message 9: by Misty (new)

Misty | 7 comments I read these a long time ago, and don't remember a thing about them. I will say I don't recall ever not loving anything I read by Pike (and I think I read everything).

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