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message 1: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments The last concert that I saw was Kreator and Belphegor in San Francisco. Kreator is always awesome live! The next one that I have plans to see is in September. Obituary/Goatwhore/Krisiun at Slim's in San Francisco.

What are your upcoming concert plans? Have you been to a really great show recently?

message 2: by Kyle (new)

Kyle | 7 comments going to Sunn 0))) on saturday. I am excited.

message 3: by Nicoline (new)

Nicoline | 2 comments Mod
I saw Kamelot last year when they were in Oslo, it was great :D I'm hoping to see Dream Theater in September, they'll be playing with Opeth, Unexpect and Bigelf.

message 4: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments I have seen Opeth live many times and it has always been amazing. I hope you have a great time!

message 5: by Sarai (new)

Sarai (chrysalis_stage) Last gig I saw was Paganfest 2010 in london, UK. Eluveitie, Arkona, Finntroll, Dornenreich, Varg - all great! Also managed to meet two members of Eluveite afterwards before the hoard of people came out and bought their last instruments babydoll t-shirt, one i'd been trying to find and buy for too long!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

The last gig I've been to was an atmospheric black metal. Three others bands that are just not worth mentioning, Negura Bunget and Fen. Those two more than made up for the three horrible shows before them, they were absolutely brilliant. Negura Bunget especially blew me away.

I completed my Fen discography that evening, and bought three Negura Bunget CDs + a girly t-shirt. :)

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

You've seen Borknagar live? I think they are pretty impressive, although their latest album doesn't really do it for me.. at all
Naglfar is one of those bands I still need to get into.. hah :D

Satyricon was, and still amazing (even if The Age of Nero is a serious piece of crap). I've seen them live over 5 times an they never disappoint me. Last time was in december 09. Brilliant performance, Satyr never looked as enthusiastic before to me.

Emperor? Then you must like Enslaved as well!

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I love the atmosphere of Porcupine Tree's music.
Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to see them live -yet-, but as they will be coming to a festival in Belgium, quite close to where I live, that might change in a few weeks. :)

I haven't listened to Blackfield... You would recommend them?

message 9: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments I recently saw Hate open for Hypocrisy in San Francisco. I highly recomend that fans of Behemoth check out Hate.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Hypocrisy is quite an impressive band as well, although I prefer their earlier (blackened) work more than their recent alien stuff..

I am not extremely fond of Behemoth, I saw them live earlier this year, and they're also performing on a festival I'm attending.
Along wit Ensiferum, Bullet for my Valentine (ew.), Ex Deo, Watain and Baroness.
Having said that, I'm not too keen on the line-up, but the atmosphere's always great.

message 11: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments Went to see Nile/Psycroptic/Ex Deo/Keep of Kalessin tour on Sunday night. While I am not a fan of Nile's constant lineup changes, the other three bands were really great. I had seen Keep of Kalessin before, but I was able to hear their new material. This was my first time seeing Ex Deo (side project of members of Kataclysm) and Psycroptic. I was especially impressed with psycroptic. (

message 12: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments Saw Watain Wed. night with Goatwhore! An awesome show! Watain truly believes in black metal performance. Goatwhore is a long time favorite of mine. They open for a lot of tours and I enjoy seeing them live for than listening to their CDs.
THe best part is that I I am going to see Marduk tonight!!! Another band I have ever had the pleasure of seeing live.

message 13: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments Marduk was a strange show. They were good on stage, but the venue was way to small and the bands that opened up were unbearable. I am glad that I went, but I would have preferred to see them at a better venue with appropriate openers.

message 14: by Damien (new)

Damien bloodspear (soulabliteration) | 29 comments february 18th,
deicide, belphegor, blackguard, and some other band.

march 1st
finntroll, turistas, ensipherum, 2 other bands.

i cant wait to see amon amarth next

message 15: by Glenn Hugo (new)

Glenn Hugo Engebretsen (stormbard) | 12 comments 16 February: Accept
26 March : Children Of Bodom/Ensiferum/
Machine Sapremacy
All on Rockefeller, Oslo

And Amorphis is headliner on Karmøygeddon metal fesitival outher bands are Primordial, Einherier and MoonSorrow.

message 16: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments Damien wrote: "february 18th,
deicide, belphegor, blackguard, and some other band.

march 1st
finntroll, turistas, ensipherum, 2 other bands.

i cant wait to see amon amarth next"

I am going to see the Finnish Metal Tour 2011 (Finntroll, ensipherum) on Feb. 10th. Just nine more days. I am ready for the winter concert lull to be over.

message 17: by Damien (new)

Damien bloodspear (soulabliteration) | 29 comments the deicide tour is cancelled. im still going to see finntroll. it will be my second time seeing ensipherum and fourth time seeing finntroll:)

message 18: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (versusthesiren) | 7 comments The last show I caught was Eluveitie with Holy Grail and System Divide. I was so glad to finally catch Eluveitie - I had missed them something like three or four times previous to that, either from not being able to make the shows or having them drop off. :/

The next show I'm definitely going to is Symphony X/Nevermore/Soilwork. I'd love to go see Rotting Christ/Melechesh before that, but I'm not sure how likely that is.

message 19: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments The RottingChrist/Melechesh tour was AWESOME. Melechesh was especially amazing! I love getting to see bands live that do not usually tour. The crowd was a lot smaller than I expected. Both of the headlining bands play a very approachable style of metal. I thought that there would a lot of interest.

message 20: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments Just saw Destruction play in Oakland. German Thrash!!!! I thought that there would be a bigger turn out, but the show was great!

message 21: by Kunal (new)

Kunal (kunalsinha) Going to watch Decapitated this Saturday! This is their first show since Vitek passed away.

message 22: by Pi (new)

Pi Ka | 2 comments Taake, Watain, Slayer.

message 23: by Varian Rose (new)

Varian Rose The last metal concert I went to was Red, last June. I had the opportunity to see Living Sacrifice a couple months ago, but other things came up and I couldn't go.

Bands I want to see in concert:
Saviour Machine
Dark Lay Still

message 24: by Sarai (new)

Sarai (chrysalis_stage) I wanted to see Nightwish with Tarja, sadly never did.

message 25: by Varian Rose (last edited Sep 16, 2011 05:14AM) (new)

Varian Rose No cool bands ever come to my part of the U.S. I remember my senior year of high school, there was a Nickleback concert and it was the talk of the school.

I wish concert tickets weren't so expensive...I probably would spend extra for a front row seat to a Saviour Machine concert, especially if they had the makeup, costumes, props, etc.

message 26: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments Went to see Grave/Blood Red Throne over the weekend. It is the 20th anniversary of Grave's first album. So the set list was the entirety of Into the Grave. An awesome show! I always love seeing Blood Red Throne. I love that they are a Norwegian band playing American style death metal.

message 27: by Valerie (last edited Sep 26, 2011 03:32PM) (new)

Valerie (versusthesiren) | 7 comments I went to ProgPower USA last weekend. AMAZING performances. I got front row for Ihsahn and he was astounding (and even played two Emperor tunes), and Therion put on the best show I have EVER seen. Like, I'm legitimately afraid to go to concerts after seeing them because they were so great.

Haken, While Heaven Wept, Vanden Plas, and Sanctuary were great, too.

Next year's lineup is amaaaazing. PRIMORDIAL. :D

message 28: by Manouk (new)

Manouk | 2 comments No upcoming concerts at the moment, unfortunately. Maybe Nightwish, if their new album is any good.

The last concert I went to was Apocalyptica in October last year.
Haven't been able to go to many concerts lately due to medical reasons and very bad timing.

message 29: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments That sucks! not even go, but hang out in the balcony?

I saw decapitated/decrepit birth this past tuesday. As I am in the middle of mid-terms I needed a metal show to blow off some steam. It was a good time.

message 30: by Kailey (new)

Kailey (lukutuokka) | 48 comments Just saw Obscura and Abysmal Dawn over the weekend. Abysmal Dawn was WAY better than Obscura. I had a good time. I wish that I had gone out to see Cynic tonight, but I had too much to do.

message 31: by Margaret (new)

Margaret I'm going to see Rammstein next March ^^
The last concert I went to was Morrissey in August. It's not metal, but I absolutely love his music and the concert was just wonderful!

message 32: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (versusthesiren) | 7 comments The SymX/Iced Earth tour is doing two dates in my area, so I will catch one (if not both) of those! I'm also excited that Turisas is headlining Paganfest, since it means I can finally see them. :)

message 33: by Eline (new)

Eline (justamistake) | 4 comments I'm going to see Within Temptation this year!

message 34: by Mark (new)

Mark Birchall (goodreadscomgabbi) seen one of the best gigs ever in liverpool uk . the darkness original line up come back gig supported by the awesome cincinnati band foxy shazam . check these out they are un believable

message 35: by Brad (new)

Brad (NYMetsNo1) | 1 comments 3/9 - Michael Schenker Group
3/10 - Symphony X/Iced Earth
3/31 - Paganfest III (USA)
5/4 - Sabaton
5/11 - Rob Zombie/Megadeth
5/12 - Overkill
7/2 - Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper

4/18 - Steel Panther
7/26 - Paul Di'Anno

message 36: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Atkinson (darkened_angel) My last Gig was Within Temptation. This year I will be going to see WASP in September, Steel Panther in November and Europe in December (sorry I just have to, plus it will be my step daughters first gig, she is not old enough to go to the heavier ones just yet and not sure I could sit through Slipknot who she loves).

message 37: by Maria Skjaldmær (new)

Maria Skjaldmær Next month I'll be seeing: Black Label Society, Machine Head, Motley Crue, Dimmu Borgir, Overkill, Exodus, Finsterforst, Manowar, Motorhead, Megadeth, WASP, Lake Of Tears, Pentagram, Saxon, Soulfly, Godsmack and Lacuna Coil.

Well I've been to a lot of gigs since I was 13...
I have a list of bands that I've seen live but I cut out 20+ of the more unknown metal bands.

My Dying Bride -Seen Twice, Anathema, Candlemass, Katatonia, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Saturnus, Iced Earth, Amon Amarth, Septic Flesh, Iron Maiden, Amorphis, October Tide, Forgotten Tomb, The Gathering, Cadaveria, Marduk, Negură Bunget, Zonaria, In Battle, Artisian, Eastern Front, Tristania, Nightwish, Within Temptation, After Forever, Gwydion, Tarot, Fury UK, White Wizzard, Nahemah, Pain, Leprous, As I Lay Dying

message 38: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (versusthesiren) | 7 comments Caught two great shows last month: Meshuggah/Baroness/Decapitated and Rhapsody of Fire/Voyager. :)

message 39: by Chris (new)

Chris (agalloch) | 20 comments Going to PartySan in a few weeks!

message 40: by Insania (new)

Insania | 9 comments I'm going to Fimbul Festival in Dettelbach, Germany on 14-15th September! Anyone going? I'm excited as I take a plane and three bus to get there from Italy, but sadly in Italy we don't ever see bands like Odroerir, Solstafir, Gernotshagen, Vreid and so on...

message 41: by Insania (new)

Insania | 9 comments Chris wrote: "Going to PartySan in a few weeks!"

Great bands! You're lucky as Germany is full of metal open air in summer...have you ever been to Summerbreeze?

message 42: by Chris (new)

Chris (agalloch) | 20 comments Insania wrote: "Chris wrote: "Going to PartySan in a few weeks!"

Great bands! You're lucky as Germany is full of metal open air in summer...have you ever been to Summerbreeze?"

Hey! Yeah for sure Germany has all the good festivals. :) Yes i did Summer Breeze last year and the year before. Do you go to many festivals?

message 43: by Insania (new)

Insania | 9 comments I try to go to as many festival as I can: my favourite till now is Metalcamp in Slovenia, the location is outstanding...have you ever been there? I asked you about Summer Breeze as this year it celebrates its 15th birthday and there are bands like Menhir, ASP, subway to sally exc that are pretty difficult to see outside Germany...I'd really like to go there next year! What do you think about it? What's your favourite festival?

message 44: by Chris (new)

Chris (agalloch) | 20 comments I haven't been to Metalcamp before, but i think i heard that is the one that is next to a lake? So in the summer, that would be a great one to go to! Well i have only been to Summer Breeze x 2, Wacken and Party San before! My least favourite is probably Wacken, because i think it is far too big and there is too many people there. But next year i would like to do Brutal Assault, Metalcamp and Hellfest, but we see. What about the festivals you have been to, and your favourites?

message 45: by Insania (new)

Insania | 9 comments Oh no Metalcamp is located near the beautiful cold river Soza! Its slogan is "Hell over paradise", and you just can imagine why :D well I've been to Metalcamp twice and Gods of metal in Italy, that has been a half-disaster: the organization was the worst ever seen, water was finished in four hours! Well, the beer tasted more water than beer but it costed five times more lol I heard about Hellfest, is it in France? Why should you get to France, you're so lucky you have everything home! Does Summer Breeze cost a lot?

message 46: by Chris (new)

Chris (agalloch) | 20 comments So Metalcamp is good? I will see what the lineup is like next year and perhaps i will go! That sucks about running out of water at Gods of Metal. Sounds like it was on purpose for people to buy more bottled water. And yeah, everything at festivals costs so much more. It's terrible, especially Wacken i think. I live in the UK! We don't have many nice festivals like in mainland Europe. :) Summer Breeze is ok. It's not as expensive as Wacken, but it's not as cheap as a lot of the others. It's a nice festival, it's not *too* crowded. But i recommend it, they have nice lineups every year. :)

message 47: by Insania (new)

Insania | 9 comments Next year I'd love to have a "metal trip", that means going all around mainland Europe joining as many festivals as possible! Maybe I'll see you in Metalcamp then :D I'm sorry I thought you lived in Germany, I hope I didn't offend you, I admit I can be rude sometimes lol

message 48: by Chris (new)

Chris (agalloch) | 20 comments Really cool! Yes, that is my plan for next year also! I didn't have the opportunity this year, but next year i will make up for it, so will have to save a bit of money! No offense taken. Not rude at all. :)

message 49: by Insania (new)

Insania | 9 comments Well, then all that we can do is wait the lineups to be shown! Uhm, do you think you'll come by plane from UK? How do you manage all the camping stuff?

message 50: by Chris (new)

Chris (agalloch) | 20 comments Yeah, i normally go by plane :D I have a friend in Germany that normally supplies all the camping gear like a tent, pavilion and things like that. I have a sleeping bag though that i've left at his place too. How would you go to some of the festivals in Germany? I think i'd be quite jealous if you drove, the scene whilst driving through the Swiss Alps would be really amazing.

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