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Grotesque, what was the original ending??

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Susie Does anyone know what the original ending to this book was? The ending did not really resolve things for me. left me empty and unsatisfied. I have since read reviews about the original Japanese ending being cut??

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I heard that she put her nephew into prostitution.

Chon @Shari I find that ending makes a lot more sense, I mean given her defiant 'asexuality.' I'd love to read the alternate ending...

Dave @Zoe and Shari that's craaaaaaaaazy - I wonder if that truly was the ending in Japanese. I wish I had a Japanese copy and could understand the language because I had an inkling she might do that with how much Yurio was complaining about the computer. Damn.

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Miwa Nakamura Still working on the English translation, but having read the original Japanese and the many reviews here, I can say for sure that yes, in the original, the nephew Yurio begins prostituting.

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