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message 1: by BeerDiablo (new)

BeerDiablo | 35 comments Mod
I saw some people recommend Good Beer Guide to Belgium

Can anyone recommend any other beer books you could base travel off of? [regardless of country]

message 2: by Aaron (new)

Aaron (atjsparty) | 1 comments Just getting started in my beer book reading. So, I can't offer any book suggestions.

However, I can recommend a website I just stumbled across today:

Not sure if anyone else has stumbled across this gem, but it lists (and provides reviews for) brewpubs, breweries, beer bars, beer stores and homebrew stores in about 40 major metro U.S and Canadian city (also has London). In addition, it has listings for 11 countries (including Belgium).

I just found it and rated a few local breweries (DC area).

Not a book, but good info! :-)

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Jonathan runs a good site with beermapping. He's still adding to his content, but hopefully he'll be there soon.

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