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maximum ride is one of my favorite books in the whole entire world! The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, #1) by James Patterson

Olivia Yeah, I'm on "Saving The World And Other Extreme Sports!"

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! i read them all. there great! u should realy read the rest

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! saving the world is realy good

Olivia Well, I haven't started it yet. I've put it on hold at the library...

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Olivia But, I can't wait to read it! I couldn't put the other books down!

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Olivia N. wrote: "can i friend u?"


Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! how can i friend u

Olivia I`don't know... Let me check!

Olivia Be right back

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! wats ur name? i need it 2 look u up.

Olivia Why do you need to look me up?

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! so i can friend u

Olivia Oh... abbmulholland19

Olivia Doesn't it say that you have to know the friend to friend them or something?

Olivia KK

Olivia I don't know?????

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! how do i friend u? i realy want 2!

Olivia Click on my name above message, and it'll go to my page, and then click on friend me... I think

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Kayla who is your faviorite character??? Mine is Iggy, the bomb expert! =)

Chalse Mine is Iggy too :), with a tie for Angel because how smart she is for a seven year old.

MizziQ Angel is a brat. Sorry Chalse. I like Fang and Iggy.

Uwezo Flewellen II i like fang to my faorite is Fang and max

Rhiannon Fang Rules!! But Max Rocks too.

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Ana Bubble After the 5th book (MAX) Angel really got annoying so she is not my favorite at all. Same goes for Nudge but less harsh 'cause she wasn't as irritating. But anyway, my favorite would have to be Max or Fang as cliche as that is, its true :P

Samara Kayla wrote: "who is your faviorite character??? Mine is Iggy, the bomb expert! =)"

yaaaaaaaaa totally but I think his hair should be lighter then red orange a little blonde
but I love Fang too

Katie I love Fang and Max. Both amazing characters <3

Nicole I'm on the 5th book, Max, and I'm halfway through. I read books 1-4 in a few weeks. I'm in L.O.V.E with the series!!! <3333

Caroline I read books 1-3 in 3days!ha

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Mig I'm stuck with the book Angel (6) it's sold out in my country. GAAH i saw a hardbound version, but it's too expensive. so i'm waiting for the paperback version.

and my favorite character is Iggy. HE'S AWESOME IN UNEXPLAINABLE (if there is such word.) WAY.

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