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Vampires > glass houses/the morganville series

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message 1: by ~Kate~ (new)

~Kate~ (katesbooklife) i luved this book av not read the rest of the series yet so i cant say if its the best of the series but i do like it more than twilight but NOT as much as the mortal instruments

message 2: by I'amber (new)

I'amber (xiamberx) | 96 comments I havn't red it yet, I want to because I've heard so much about it, what's it about tho?

message 3: by Jesika (new)

Jesika It's really good ! and it gives a different perspecitve of vampires. :D

message 4: by I'amber (new)

I'amber (xiamberx) | 96 comments Ah, it is there a lil love story?

Sorry, I don't read anything without a bit of romance in it >.<

Lol [:

message 5: by ~Kate~ (new)

~Kate~ (katesbooklife) yup there is and am the same lol.
well the book is about a town that is run by vampires and its not just the vamps that r evil.
i thought the 1st book was brill!!

message 6: by I'amber (new)

I'amber (xiamberx) | 96 comments Ah, thanks :D

message 7: by ~Kate~ (new)

~Kate~ (katesbooklife) there is more 2 the book than wot i can write down as am not gud at explaining things well lol

message 8: by I'amber (new)

I'amber (xiamberx) | 96 comments Lol, I'mma look it up on amazon [:


message 9: by ~Kate~ (new)

~Kate~ (katesbooklife) am sure u will luv the book

message 10: by Carlene (new)

Carlene (ctaylor66) loved this book

message 11: by ~Kate~ (new)

~Kate~ (katesbooklife) yup me 2

message 12: by ~Kate~ (new)

~Kate~ (katesbooklife) yeah mine too

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