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why she stinks

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well this is an easy question why does she stink so bad???

~(PierceTheVeil)~ (piercetheveil) | 3 comments because she's a buck toothed, pop star wanna be with no talent, an ego that needs a dressing room to itself and a voice that makes croaking geese sound like proffessionals in comparison.

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tell me about it and her show is even worse than her singing carrer dnt you think she caant act or sing and she does both that idiot

~(PierceTheVeil)~ (piercetheveil) | 3 comments her acting reeks like something died
popstars and fish stink after 2 days
she's an exception
I don't think her career lasted that long

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i no but she sold way to many albums the3 only reason she should havw sold any is so that we can burn them

~(PierceTheVeil)~ (piercetheveil) | 3 comments they might not burn... the devil lives in flames right? So everything with her name on it must be fire-proof XD

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