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message 1: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary hi! Melzz! I'm free to pour out everything here!
WE can ALL of US pour out everything here! Full Blown or ain't..... I guarantee you Melzz! in the's all about LOVE!.. wow!

..RiverSide moon and Stars! by master Du Fu.....

..The sudden storm leaves a clear, autumnal
'Night' and 'Jade String'..radiant in gold waves!
'Celestial River'..a timeless white!..Clarity..
Claims Yangtze shallows anew... 'Strung Pearls'

Snaps!...scattering shimmering reflections...
A mirror lofts into blank space! Of remnant
Light!...The clepsydra's lingering drop,
What remains with frost seizing blossoms?.....

By old master Du Fu....

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay, cool. Although, I'm not sure what this thread is exactly I'll Play along. :D

message 3: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (warnapoko) | 117 comments I think... this is the place for love poems that use stars as a metaphor? I think...? If so, here's my July entry for the Greads Comp, which fits the bill:

"For Paula"

You think that I have let you go, but you
are here with me. You think that I could cast
aside each precious memory? I drew
them high across the night, like stars our past
had seen, that maybe I might light your sky
with everything we’ve been. And if these stars
should fall, as though the night had learned to cry,
then trust my heart would save from falling far
our fallen sky. These constellations burn
to live reflected in your moon, and light
the night like heaven’s tears and morning turn'd
too soon. Then time and truth will tell how bright
these stars were meant to be, and when you see
them shine at night, know you, are here, with me.


message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Great poem, I'm sorry your subject didn't appreciate it. :(

But we do. :)

message 5: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (warnapoko) | 117 comments Thanks Melzz. If you're not careful, I might have to write something for you ;)

message 6: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary Yes! We do! :)

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Nathan wrote: "Thanks Melzz. If you're not careful, I might have to write something for you ;)"

D: No, not for me! Just kidding. :)

message 8: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (warnapoko) | 117 comments Lol. Ouch though, Melzz. Ouch!

message 9: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 05, 2009 02:19AM) (new)

Lol, no. It's just that most of the things I've ever heard that were written about me weren't friendly, or romantic. Girls can be so cruel.

message 10: by Lori (new)

Lori (losterman1970) I was poking at my husband one evening for not paying attention to me...This is what transpired on my blog from the incident.

He sits over there cradling her ever so gently in his hands.

I can hear him speak softly to her. I can see from here the way he looks sweetly into her face.

He touches her, she responds….he smiles.

I see him reach for her again, excitement in his eyes.

He is giddy. At this moment she is giving him all the pleasure he is looking for.

I am jealous. I want his attention.

He giggles.

What is it she is showing him?

Her back is to me, I cannot see what games they are playing.

I don't care. Ok, secretly I do.

I want to be played with like that. I want to play.

He sets her down only for a second to take a sip of his beer. He makes sure his fingers are neither cold nor wet and then he ever so sweetly cradles her again.

Why? What does she have that I do not? What is she showing him?

Why do I sit here and suffer through this? I should just leave.

But I don't, I wait.

I sit here plotting. I will get between them, I will.

Oh, if only I too were an IPHONE!!!

Hope you enjoy, He thought it was funny.


message 11: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary LOL! Lori... Modern man became enslave by modern tech.. But  charm captivating man constantly can only be by a beautiful and wise femme!.... I like it!

this is a kind of spiritual love... An expression of love for something beyond just the earth-bound even beyond evolution of life itself!
By the world's greatest spiritual poet ...master Rumi....

This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, 
to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. 
First, to let go of life. 
In the end, to take a step without feet; 
to regard this world as invisible, 
and to disregard what appears to be the self. 

Heart, I said, what a gift it has been 
to enter this circle of lovers, 
to see beyond seeing itself,
to reach and feel within the breast.

By old master Rumi.... 

message 12: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Creen (malcolmc) Jung once said "who looks outside dreams, who looks inside wakes."

Lets see...

My Secret One
And when you’re gone
And my vision clears
From the sudden shadows she appears:
My Secret One.

Too close to touch; too soft, too light to hold -
Yet warmth enough against the cold,
Illumination as the darkness nears.
And comfort to dispel my fears.

And yes, it’s true,
I love her too:
My Inner You.

message 13: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary ...simply spiritually awesome! I love it! I'm beginning to like Jung!
I will research more if him!

That poem, which I assume is yours! Master!...I just Love!

Thank you for giving me zeal to research more on some modern greats! Master! Including you yourself!....

Always enlight us here! Bring it on!

Your Dao in All Duty
Jerin Tahapary

I'll start finding youtubes on Jung! And then the whole Web 2.0 Web! And then the libraries! And finally in universities!

message 14: by Malcolm (last edited Aug 05, 2009 02:55AM) (new)

Malcolm Creen (malcolmc) Yes Jerin, "My Secret One" was inspired by the same person for whom "How Green Are Your Eyes?" was written.

message 15: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (warnapoko) | 117 comments Malcolm, "My Secret One" is gorgeous poetic delight. Thank you for sharing.

message 16: by Nathan (last edited Aug 05, 2009 08:01PM) (new)

Nathan (warnapoko) | 117 comments

Melzz wrote: "It's just that most of the things I've ever heard that were written about me weren't friendly, or romantic."

Melzz, clearly, you've been reading in all the wrong places! I really might have to write something for you now, to at least change that "most" to just a "some" :) In the meantime, here's one that has been untitled since I wrote it, but now I have a title and dedicate it to you, for bringing us all together here:

"Romance Society"

Another year, and lessons learned, this time
will fade away. The sun will rise and set
on yet another passing day, but mine
will be a memory too full to let
decay - this happy time of youth grows strong
with every summer day; and friends, who, like
eternal stars, know not how they belong
to every part that keeps me safe from night
and darkness throng. And though the moon has come
that Autumn skies may find their way, I hold
in mind these summer days and bid the sun
to stay. Still some might cast their hand and fold
in fear of fading light, but summer sight
and care-full friends, will warm me through the night.


message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Nathan wrote: "Melzz, clearly, you've been reading in all the wrong places! I really might have to write something for you now, to at least change that "most" to just a "some" :) In the meantime, here's one that has been untitled since I wrote it, but now I have a title and dedicate it to you, for bringing us all together here"

Wow, thanks Nathan! Thats a great poem. I'm flattered. :D

message 18: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary master Malcolm!..May The Muse of 'My Secret One" and "How Green are Your Eyes" be the Tenth Eleventh Muse   of human history!......

Phase 1 research on Jung....

On his Dreams Theories...Stemming from the unconscious...
....Ineffable intuition states that these theories  are in the process of being confined only IN the biological science.....
If one venture to leap beyond this state biological..., the truth ultimately becomes distorted.....
So any psychologist stating theories beyond biology..... MUST inevitably be A philosopher ( biology-chemistry-physics-metaphysics)...... Here is where I deem Jung to be insufficient in regarding Truth.....   I deem him useful only within the realms of the biological and below- the noosphere..

" The psyche is the greatest of all cosmic wonders and the 'sine qua non' of the world as an object. It is in the highest degree odd that Western man, with but very- and ever fewer- exceptions, apparantly pays so little regard to this fact.". Quote  By Carl Jung...........

In all history (confine) solely in the noosphere....
I believe this quote of Jung is universal..

But to go beyond I believe one must be a philosopher first in all fields... So that  we can then   encompass all up to the highest field- The Metaphysic.......

I only have my Teachers to contribute in this phase 1 of mine....

master Chuang Tzu....( China's second greatest philosopher next to master Lao Tzu... The third being master Confucius)....
Had a dream once!

A while ago I, Zhuang Zhou (Zhuangzi), dreamed I was a butterfly. Happily absorbed in being a butterfly, I was thrilled to fly around and do what butterflies do. I didn't even know I was Zhou. When I woke up, I suddenly found that I was Zhou. I didn't know if I was Zhou dreaming I was a butterfly, or if I was a butterfly dreaming I was Zhou. There must be something that separates Zhou from the butterfly. It's called metamorphosis.

by master Chuang Tzu.....
Here any technicalities become vague...
I can only suggest learning physics in its fullest sense... Which is actually ( if we research thoroughly enough) veering towards the metaphysics...,, SEE the research on  physics concerning 'Non Locality' by John Bell and The Violations.....( instantaneaus interaction at once!  Faster than the speed of light!) 
We shall then become aware that the ancient NonDuality concept is becoming closer to reality.....   But still so far ahead!...,

So concludes phase 1!

master Malcolm and all of us here... Feel free to correct my mistakes here...
 To contribute something else too.

In the meantime Jung's dreams are beautiful indeed! As is all our unconscious! If we love enough...   
As is to  all our dreams!
Here's one of my favorite ...

By master Du Fu



There are sobs when death is the cause of parting; 
But life has its partings again and again. 
...From the poisonous damps of the southern river 
You had sent me not one sign from your exile -- 
Till you came to me last night in a dream, 
Because I am always thinking of you!!! 
I wondered if it were really you, 
Venturing so long a journey. 
You came to me through the green of a forest, 
You disappeared by a shadowy fortress.... 
Yet out of the midmost mesh of your snare, 
How could you lift your wings and use them? 
...I woke, and the low moon's glimmer on a rafter 
Seemed to be your face, still floating in the air. 
...There were waters to cross, they were wild and tossing; 
If you fell, there were dragons and rivermonsters. 


This cloud, that has drifted all day through the sky, 
May, like a wanderer, never come back.... 
Three nights now I have dreamed of you!!! 
As tender, intimate and real as though I were awake. 
And then, abruptly rising to go, 
You told me the perils of adventure 
By river and lake-the storms, the wrecks, 
The fears that are borne on a little boat; 
And, here in my doorway, you rubbed your white head 
As if there were something puzzling you. 
...Our capital teems with officious people, 
While you are alone and helpless and poor. 
Who says that the heavenly net never fails? 
It has brought you ill fortune, old as you are. 
...A thousand years' fame, ten thousand years' fame- 
What good, when you are dead and gone???

By old master Du Fu 

message 19: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Creen (malcolmc) Jerin,

You have obviously reflected deeply on what you have read and I am gratified that you have found Jung to be a source of such interest.

Though Jung emphasises his empiricism, i.e. what he writes is based on actual experience, I personally would consider him a philosopher (in the ancient sense of the word, i.e. philo = love (that word again!) and sophos = wisdom).

Because of the nature of his explorations into human beings and their fundamental nature, he stands at the crossroads between biology, psychology, philosphy and mysticism and has something to say on all of these - which are really all one thing of course - just with different languages...

If you manage to read anything on Jung's concept of Synchronicity, I am sure you will find similarities between the view of the universe it presents, and the physics of non-locality you have mentioned. You might also have a look at a book called The Quantum Self by Danah Zohar (

Finally, for the moment, I was pleased to see your use of the word 'noosphere' which I have not seen since reading Teilhard de Chardin ( a couple of decades ago.

message 20: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary .... I am humble'd ....i will do more research...!

Consider phase 1 to this moment obsolete...

Always enlight us !

message 21: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary notes for phase 2..

Up From the highest order....all fields are merging into one....
Jung's Sychronicity 'n Quantum Non locality.....
 Jung wrote, after describing some examples, "When coincidences pile up in this way, one cannot help being impressed by them -- for the greater the number of terms in such a series, or the more unusual its character, the more improbable it becomes."[13:]

message 22: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary ...notes for phase 2

Jung is no doubt a philosopher......

The first stage--Hawwah, Eve, earth--is purely biological; woman ins equated with the mother and only represents something to be fertilized. The second stage is still dominated by the sexual eros, but on an aesthetic and romantic level where woman has already acquired some value as an individual. The third stage raises Eros to the heights of religious devotion and thus spiritualizes him: Hawwah has been replaced by spiritual motherhood. Finally the fourth stage illustrates...Sapientia...wisdom. (CW 16, par 361, 1954)

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

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message 24: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary Lol! Melzz. We ALL can contribute by posting quotes here by Jung!
We have the Web 2.0! We are all of us welcome!

message 25: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 06, 2009 11:06PM) (new)

I did contribute.

message 26: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary notes for phase 2

Could it be that 'Sycronocity' be Jung' greatest thought....
Because it's his grandest unification connecting all the way to the quantum...
The second type of synchronicity is illustrated by the documented vision of the Swedish scientist and mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). Jung says Swedenborg inwardly saw a devastating fire that raged approximately 100 miles away in Stockholm, representing what psi researchers now call remote viewing.

message 27: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary Notes for phase 2

Jung may well have been a dormant ' Esper '.... ESP...

he had fantasies of mighty floods sweeping over northern Europe - prophetic visions of World War I. His inner experiences Jung recorded in the "Red Book", illustrated with his own works in the art nouveau style. His first mandala Jung constructed in 1916. He interpreted the form as a symbol of the self, the wholeness of the personality.

message 28: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary Thank you Melzz! For bringin' this on the General side! That's considerate of you! Our most beloved Moderator!
And a contribution!

I think...

It may take a awhile tho' for Phase 2 in effect here...

I am awaiting inspiration

message 29: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary Phase 2 research on Jung

It's Psychologically seeming that some of Jung's works remains at the forefront of modern research and investigation and even in the sciences..
Seems that the more he absorbs the more consciuosness of others the more he contributes for himself and for consciousness itself......and therefor for humanity as a whole....
Seems that he's a conduit for to consciousness growing whole...
"The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purposes through him. As a human being he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist he is "man" in a higher sense - he is "collective man," a vehicle and moulder of the unconscious psychic life of mankind." (from 'Psychology and Literature', 1930).  Jung.....

It's Psi still that his Sychronicity Theory  n'syncs with giving meaning Metaphysics with the empirically to be...
This I think was his greatest contribution to reality...his greatest work..

Syncronicity shall further develop and advance through all  fields....
Giving all  fields within human knowledge a sense of union... 
Which is actually what they are as one field of wisdom in the universe........( metaphysicly speaking for now)....

So I think Syncronicity goes beyond Jung....  Jung coined it... But I would not restrict it  solely his work.... It transcends his creativity....e.g. The Modern Quantum Theory with its implications..

For our limited human minds Jung's Synchronicity gives us meaning of the reality...( in herr Kant's view- West greatest modern philosopher- it is mere phenomena, but not noumena - The Thing in itself)...
So let us caution ourselves that Syncronicity be NOT a process but mere giving meaningfulness  our limited mind..... 

For the process itself lies in The Quantum Theory... Beyond the mind's working.... 

It's seems likely that Jung may well have been a ' dormant latent Esper'.... ESP -- extra sensory perception... At the very least a level 1 psi 1esper... For he has no control over them...but It gave him visions ( sometimes prophetic).... and of course help him produced his works and his writings.... with the help of his clients adding more for consciousness as a whole... again.

Still there's  this curious analogy betwixt psychology and philosophy:
Compare the psi 'Anima' to the philosophical 'Atman' .... 
 the 'Collective Unconscious' to the 'Brahman'......
An anomaly in history? Or a Synchronicity?


One thing  he cannot reconcile tho'... Against the vastness of puny human thinking 'twixt universes... The thing that would've gifted him partial understanding  peace and clarity in/of consciousness and unconsciosness both....
 The one thing that would've made him surpassed even Kant  as the greatest philosopher of the modern western world....
If only he had concentrated all his energies on it.....
  Is the letting go of Consciousness itself....  the Unconscious....and Even The Collective Unconscious..., 

In other words... He failed Universal Wisdom by simply overlooking this one simple thing:

Master  Gautama Buddha's  Supreme Enlightenment under the bodhi tree...
*The Letting Go and the Cessation.*
This be the ancient way and a spiritual way too....

But a more modern way  can be found in the works of the greatest evolutionary philosopher since Charles Darwin...   Daniel Dennett... Who claims  a MINDLESS evolutionary process processing our existence... Evolution does indeed occur mindlessly.... It's solely our minds seeking meaning...
This be the modern way.. BUT with no spirituality attached ..

This I believe be the forefronts of research if we ever hope to advance beyond Jung and his theories.....

Still ... Carl Jung has come quite close but not yet close enough to this with this quote of his:

. They are powers in the unconscious, in fact, gods.... To designate them so acknowledges the central importance among psychological values which is theirs in any case, whether consciousness concedes it to them or not; for their power only increases in proportion to the degree that they remain unconscious. He who does not see them is in their hands. (Spring, 1950, p. 10)...... 


Phase 2  concludes....

(note). Forgive me if I always insert the Ancients in all my comments...
It's just that I sense in my intuition that their way of love.. Is the greatest expression of love and ergo to truth...
This intuition of mine is unknown....

All thoughts are welcome!

But this shall be my last phase of research on Jung...  I was exhausted ...
As always I think it's best to let master Malcolm have the last word on this Jung research.  

message 30: by Malcolm (last edited Aug 20, 2009 06:44AM) (new)

Malcolm Creen (malcolmc) I've just returned from a week's holiday - out in the wilderness of Scotland and therefore without access to computer or Internet - and it seems I have much to catch up on.

My first reaction to what you've written so far Jerin, is based on suddenly seeing Daniel Dennett mentioned and I would ask this: Is it not natural for a universe that consists exclusively of Mind to appear mindless? Put in a different way, is it not natural that a universe that consists entirely of Love might appear to be without a Lover?

You may be able to extract a little fun conpemplating the relationship between Love and Consciousness. You might also like to update yourself on 'consciousness studies' by looking at the work of Max Velmans.

message 31: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary Master Malcolm!  Welcome back!
Phase 2 belongs to your life long's wisdom!...   I may have been the ship! 
But you were the Captain!

I will check out the scholars you mentioned!   Hopefully they shall bring me more knowledge and wisdom!  

In the meantime!  Welcome back!  

Master Malcolm's!


Sweet Lady Dragon, you guard your treasure well, 
Safe above the world in that high place where you dwell; 
A challenge to all heroes, from near and from far - 
The treasure that you guard is the treasure that you are. 

Though many of the bravest approach your mountain realm, 
The power of your presence is sure to overwhelm 
All but the most determined, whose quest has made him wise 
Enough to answer the riddle you pose and claim the golden prize. 

Like others far more brave than he, he’d willingly risk death; 
But trembles when he comes in range of your warm and fragrant breath; 
Then suddenly feels more confident when remembering the dove, 
Who whispered softly to him that the answer’s always love. 


Her face 
Feature by feature, a feast for these eyes. 
And for this heart, at least, a reason to beat - and more: 
a reason to race. 

Her hair 
Soft as night; brightly dark, then darkly bright – 
depending on the light. 
And in each hand: each strand, each tress - a separate caress. 

Her skin 
A creation in creams, this gown without seams, 
this fabric of dreams. 
And for these lips, in the smallest of sips: a place to be kissed; 
not an inch to be missed. 

Her legs 
Of line, and curve, and length: to long for, at length. 
And for this gaze, at least, a reason to stray - and more: 
a reason to play. 

Her feet 
So narrow, so neat - each toe a separate treat, 
a separate sweet: 
to eat. 



My Secret One 
And when you’re gone 
And my vision clears 
From the sudden shadows she appears: 
My Secret One. 

Too close to touch; too soft, too light to hold - 
Yet warmth enough against the cold, 
Illumination as the darkness nears. 
And comfort to dispel my fears. 

And yes, it’s true, 
I love her too: 
My Inner You. 



At first a distant glowing, 
At the edge of vision, growing; 
While clouds disperse and shadows fly, 
Her rising fills this morning sky 
With light that leaves my surface thrilled 
And depths illumination-filled. 

Her arc ascending through my day, 
Across this sky she makes her way: 
A restless star in constant view, 
A blaze of yellow against my blue. 

Where heat of day meets coolest dawn, 
A moving breath, a breeze, is born, 
So dew returns to moisten air 
And separate her colours there. 


How Green Are Your Eyes? 

How green are your eyes? 
No turquoise, tourmaline or aquamarine: 
This green… 
…But the green of the skies: 
Of another world - 
In a milk-white galaxy swirled. 
Where sunlight scintillates the surface of the seas, 
As it ripples with the breathing of a menthol breeze. 
Where the rain falls gently from the chlorophyll skies 
And grass grows greener as the earth softly sighs. 
Where olivine evening follows emerald afternoon 
And mint cotton candy clouds are silvered by the moon. 
And to where, when all else dies, 
Imagination flies 
Across your space and time, 
To seek out one more rhyme, 
And find that everywhere is you 
And everywhen is too. 

All composed by master M.C.

Thank you ! For  these wondrous poems of love

Your Dao in all duty 
Jerin Tahapary

message 32: by Lady Ivory Rose (new)

Lady Ivory Rose (brightangel22) Here's mine: It's not true, but I wrote it.
The Cursed Wand

Moonlight shining from the sky
Reflections dance across the pond
Whispering solemn goodbyes
She waves her imperious wand
Breaking through love's precious bond

Their hearts breaking,
They turn away
Their love they are taking
Only their last words to say
The accursed wand doth betray.

Their tears falling
They fall apart to face life alone
Their new master calling
Their world torn apart, their future unsewn
They turn to face the darkness unknown

As the sky disappears
And the world dissolves
They glance their mind's mirrors
As the moment resolves
The world that no longer revolves

Would their hearts never beat
Or their souls never dance
Nor their mates ever meet
Lest they're united by chance
They'll never renew their lover's stance.
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message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Wow, that's amazing Emily Rose. I think it soothed my headache some. It's magic. :)

message 34: by Jerin (new)

Jerin Tahapary ...i believe you have already posted that poem once on the 'Love Poem' thread Em Rose!

...i once remark that i like the first stanza alot!

You are far beyond your age and time! *wink*

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