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message 401: by Heather (new)

Heather (hsditto) Hi Anna and welcome to the group! Get ready for that 3000+ TBR list to get even longer as you make your way through the different threads in here. So, so many wonderful book recommendations! Looking forward to chatting with you. :)

message 402: by Anna (new)

Anna Anderson (AnnaAnderson) | 346 comments Thank you for the warm welcomes! I look forward to many chit chatting sessions and book discussions!

message 403: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments Welcome Anna, I love someone who can't resist a good book!! What are some of your favorite reads from this year? Take good care of yourself and welcome to this group.

message 404: by Tasha (new)

Tasha Hi Anna,I'm new here too and I LOVE this group! Enjoy :)

message 405: by LemonLinda (new)

LemonLinda (lwilliamson42353) | 850 comments Anna, I joined in May and have really enjoyed the group. The challenge is fun. Look forward to reading along with you.

message 406: by Djrmel (new)

Djrmel Becky wrote: "PS. I LOVE Southern and Gothic stories, but I don't know if I've ever read any Southern Gothic (or if I have I don't know it) -- Any recs?"

Ohh, I bet you've read Southern Gothic. To Kill A Mockingbird? :D Pretty much anything by Tennessee Williams, Flannery O'Connor, William Faulkner - those are all considered Southern Gothic. Of course, they were writing about their own time period, so they're not HF.

William Gay writes stories set in the 1950's Appalachian Mountains. His book "Twilight" (which I can't link to because Goodreads always defaults to another book by that name) is pure Southern Gothic. Daniel Woodrell's Winter's Bone isn't technically HF (he calls it "country noir"), but it seems like HF because the setting is so deep in the hills of Missouri it might as well be another time period (except for the family business!). Several people have recommended the YA HF Tennyson as a good, quick HF/SG crossover read, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Thanks all for the welcomes! I'm off to read more discussions (which really means I'm feeding my to-read shelf).

message 407: by Becky, Moddess (new)

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 3753 comments Hmm... I never really thought about TKAM as Southern Gothic. And the only Tennessee Williams I've read was "A Streetcar Named Desire" which I wouldn't have categorized that way either. Maybe I have an incorrect idea of what "Southern Gothic" is. LOL :)

Off to wikipedia to learn me some knowledge. :P

message 408: by Becky, Moddess (new)

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 3753 comments Ahhh, I feel smarter already. I was thinking about the gothic part of Southern Gothic too literally - as per the usual, us Southerners (I consider myself one even though I no longer live in the South) make everything our own and different. ;)

Thanks for the info Djrmel... :)

message 409: by Anthony (last edited Jun 19, 2010 11:30AM) (new)

Anthony Hart (Tonino) | 12 comments I have just joined. I would like to say hi.

My interest is in novels which have a section set in history and a related section set today. For instance Kate Mosse,Christi Phillips, Robert Goddard.Also, novels related to historical research. Does anyone have a good bibliography of this genre?

message 410: by Anna (new)

Anna Anderson (AnnaAnderson) | 346 comments Maude wrote: "Welcome Anna, I love someone who can't resist a good book!! What are some of your favorite reads from this year? Take good care of yourself and welcome to this group."

Hello Maude! Some of my favorites have been The Help, Sarahs Key, The Forgotten Garden, The Guernsey..., Those Who Save Us and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but I have also enjoyed The Forsyte Saga, The Spoils of Time Trilogy by Penny Vincenzi and The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly and soooo many more it is hard to keep count :-), but these are probably my faves. I also read Rebecca for the first time and it was good, but I think I had built it up sooo much in my mind before I read it and I had heard so much hype about it, that I was a little disappointed. I have already read 67 books this year, so I am sure there are one or two faves that I left off of this list, but this gives you an idea of what I enjoy!

message 411: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments Good choices Anna! I haven't yet read The Tea Rose and always forget to pick it up either at the library or book store. I must start carrying a list around with me. I also love mysterys - what are your favorites? Just splurged on a new book called A Fierce Radiance set in WWII and focusing on a new drug, penicillin. I think I will also have to look up some of your books. Take care.

message 412: by Anna (new)

Anna Anderson (AnnaAnderson) | 346 comments Maude, Historical Fiction Mysterys are my favorite! There are soooo many that I have enjoyed reading that it is hard to name them all here, I will send you a message. I will say that I love the Gaslight Series by Victoria Thompson and the Maisie Dobbs Series by Jacqueline Winspear. I have soooo many books on my TBR list and most of them are historical mysterys and it is going to take me years to work off that list. Oh well. I printed out a copy of my TBR list and then I go through it and read the reviews again and the synopsis and then I make out my list to take with me to the book store. I went in to the book store two days ago just by chance (yeah right :-) and I did not have my list and I felt naked. I had to go from memory, but I did good, the 6 books I bought are all on my TBR list, so yeah me!

The Tea Rose is a great book. The sequel is The Winter Rose and I meant to pick that up the other day, but I forgot (see what I mean about no list) and then the author has also written Northern Light. I will definitely check out the book you just picked up and put it on my TBR list, what's one more book. Actually every night I go through the list of Historical Fiction and add to the list, so by the end of that category my TBR list is going to be like 10,000 books long. Printed out it is already like a novel. Oh well, we love to read...right?

message 413: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (harshmallow) | 430 comments I'm Hannah, and I'm an undergraduate student at New York University concentrating in European and American Warfare in the 19th and 20th Centuries. I look forward to discussing historical fiction!

message 414: by Becky, Moddess (new)

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 3753 comments Welcome Hannah!

message 415: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments Hi Hannah and Welcome! What are some of your objectives re Europe/American Warfare - those studies really interest me.

message 416: by Heather (new)

Heather (hsditto) Welcome to the group Anthony and Hannah! We're so glad to have you both with us! :)

message 417: by Hannah (last edited Jun 20, 2010 08:05PM) (new)

Hannah (harshmallow) | 430 comments The byline of my concentration is actually "Politics, Strategy, Society, and Art". Yeah, it's really, really broad but I'm interested in all sides of warfare--What the important people decided, how it was manifested on the battlefield, how it affected everyone else, and how everyone else responded to it creatively (through poetry, the novel, drama, visual arts, etc.)

message 418: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments Hannah, The interwoven aspects of all sides of the war that you focus on is very interesting. I am sure you will love your research which is always a plus and maybe share some of your exciting research with us!

message 419: by Phair (new)

Phair (SPhair) | 58 comments Hannah- I've always been interested in the ways warfare affected fashion such as military style hats, braiding & buttons (especially in women's equestrienne wear), Garibaldi shirt, zouave jackets- lots of examples. Then you have the response of fashion to shortages in raw materials such as the shortening of skirts and changes in fabrics resulting from diversion of manufacturing and materials to war effort, blockades & cutting of import lines, etc. Fascinating stuff.

message 420: by Felina (new)

Felina | 632 comments Hannah wrote: "The byline of my concentration is actually "Politics, Strategy, Society, and Art". Yeah, it's really, really broad but I'm interested in all sides of warfare--What the important people decided, how..."

So jealous. That sounds really interesting. I wish I had choosen a major in college that I was actually interested in. Instead I went with business so I could make money. I hate my job. I wish I had been a history major. *cries*

message 421: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments Felina, When I was 37 years old and working for a wonderful company, I was invited into the bigwig's office and told they wanted to make me a vice president (I was a Claims Officer). I had to tell them that I had decided to go to Nursing School! I have never regretted it. It is never too late to go back to school. I had been going to night classes for two years before I actually left my job. Just a thought.

message 422: by Felina (last edited Jun 21, 2010 02:11PM) (new)

Felina | 632 comments I've thought about it seriously for the last few months. I live in Salt Lake City and if I were to attend the University of Utah as a History Major I would have to get a minor in another language. This means I could spend a year abroad...in Spain. I want to do it so bad. I'm only 26. I feel like I'm much to young to be stuck on this path...or in this country.

message 423: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments Oh, Felina, You are only 26!! DO IT NOW!!! You hate your job and you love history and you can go to school part time if you have to and you will be HAPPY because you have a goal and a chance to do something you love. I will cheer you on!

message 424: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments One more little comment, Felina. People generally never regret what they did as much as what they didn't do. Remember Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront who said, "I coulda been a contender!".

message 425: by Felina (new)

Felina | 632 comments Thanks Maude! You inspired me to contact the enrollment office. *sings* Back to school, back to school. I have my lunch, my shoes tied tight. I hope I don't get in a fight. Back to school.

message 426: by Becky, Moddess (new)

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 3753 comments I wonder what Nermit fights look like... ? *ponders*

message 427: by Felina (new)

Felina | 632 comments Nermit fights require childish name calling in chat rooms or GR threads. They are acutally quite terrifying and they send all the Nermits heading for cover whether they are involved or not.

message 428: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments Oh, Felina, I am thrilled for you!! I love that little ditty which I had never heard before. I meant it when I said I will cheer you on so keep us posted. Wonderful news!

message 429: by Felina (new)

Felina | 632 comments You liked my song? Its from the movie Billy Madison. :)

message 430: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments I had never heard it before. I thought it something kids sang before going back to school. When did the movie Billy Madison come out? I haven't heard of it.

message 431: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments I am also curious about those Nermit fights. What exactly makes them terrifying and why do people participate in something like this? And shere do they head for cover, computer-wise?

message 432: by Chipchick (new)

Chipchick Felina wrote: "I've thought about it seriously for the last few months. I live in Salt Lake City and if I were to attend the University of Utah as a History Major I would have to get a minor in another language. ..."

Do it! I was a History major for 1 summer before changing to Chemistry. At the time I thought that there were more jobs available for chemists than historians, but I've been unemployed for 2 years. The reason that I'm currently unemployed is that I quit my job because the money didn't outweigh the lack of joy in my job. If I were single (not that I want to be single again, I'm happily married to a wonderful man - this month is our 19th anniversary; but being single gives you the freedom to do as YOU want rather than what WE want) I would go back to school for either a history or art history degree. AND I would move to somewhere in Europe.

I have Social Anxiety Disorder, which roughly translates into an abnormally huge fear of people/places/things I don't know ( Just posting this is a big deal.) and I would still find a way to gather up the courage to go back to school for something I love.

message 433: by Chipchick (new)

Chipchick Ok, I obviously didn't read anything after Felina's first post or I would have seen that she's already made the great leap! Good Luck, Felina!!! Keep us posted so we can (or I can) live vicariously through you!

message 434: by Felina (new)

Felina | 632 comments Chipchick - Thanks for the encouragement!

Maude - Billy Madison came out probably in the early 90's. I'm to lazy to look it up. It was one of Adam Sandler's first movies and I think Billy Madison might have been an SNL character. Just speculating on that one.

I'm not sure which thread the Nermit discussion was but Becky made the term Nermit from meshing together Nerd and Hermit making a term that perfectly describes alot of us here on goodreads. Good times.

message 435: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments Hi Chipchick! How wonderful that you were able to overcome your fear to help someone else. Please continue to post - it gets easier. Chemistry was my bugaboo in school. I told my instructor that if he gave me a C I would NEVER take chemistry again - He did and I didn't! I used to just take college courses because I was interested in them and I had fun - mostly history.

message 436: by Anna (new)

Anna Anderson (AnnaAnderson) | 346 comments Maude I am with you on the not taking Chemistry, I did everything possible in College to AVOID science and math!!!! I graduated with a History and Art History Degree! I have been working for my father ever since I graduated college and we are distributors for Power Industrial Transmission Equipment, bit HVAC equipment, etc. and also the U.S. agents/brokers for two companies in the U.K. that mfg. exotic alloy (titanium, monel, etc.) valves. I guess I should have paid more attention or actually taken science/math courses b/c there is a lot of engineering in my field! Oh well.

I wanted to go back and get my masters in Decorative Arts (antiquities)and become a social historian, work with museums, auction houses, etc., but the Crohns Disease has side lined that and I am soooooo VERY fortunate that I am able to work from home b/c I work for my dad! Anyways, just wanted to put my two cents worth in about school and that it is never too late to change occupations or degrees, as long as you have the desire to do so and that sometimes life throws you curve balls and you end up in a field you never thought possible!

message 437: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments Hi Anna, Sorry I couldn't answer earlier. It is my Book Club tonight and I have been busy. You have certainly made a quantum leap from the arts, etc., to Power Industrial Trasmission Equipment! Life does throw us curves - I've had my share - but you are right that you have a good job. Do you enjoy it?

message 438: by OmG_iTs_LiZaRd (new)

OmG_iTs_LiZaRd Hey i'm Lizz and i'm 22 about to be 23. I foster puppies and I have two dogs of my own. I'm dyslectic but I love to read. If it wasn't for the english teachers I had in high school I won't be reading at all. I was reading on a 2nd grade level going into high school and left at a 9th grade level. I also have ADHA. You guys can ask me anything you what to know about what I went thourgh.

message 439: by Becky, Moddess (new)

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 3753 comments Welcome Lizz, good to have you here and I'm happy that you had excellent teachers who were willing to go the extra mile with you to help you. :)

message 440: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments Welcome, Lizz! How do you stand giving the puppies back?! I keep thinking it would be a fun thing to do but I think I would get too attached and cry every time I had to give them up! I am sure you had a very hard time with your dyslexia. Overcoming that is not easy and kids can also be cruel. Your teachers sound amazing and look where you are now!

message 441: by Heather (new)

Heather (hsditto) Hi Lizz! I see you live in North Richland Hills...I'm in Lewisville, so we're sort of neighbors! Glad you have with us. :)

message 442: by Angiemarie (new)

Angiemarie Hi, everyone! I'm so excited that I found this group because I am a big fan of historical fiction especially anything about ancient Rome. So I'm delighted that I, Claudius is the June/July group read. I love any excuse to read it again.

message 443: by Jessika (new)

Jessika (jessilouwho22) | 14 comments Hello to everyone! :) My name is Jess and I'm a 20-year-old, soon-to-be college senior. I've always loved historical fiction, so this group seemed like the perfect place for me to go. I look forward to chatting with everyone!

message 444: by Becky, Moddess (new)

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 3753 comments Welcome Jess! :)

message 445: by Heather (new)

Heather (hsditto) Welcome Angiemarie and Jess! This is a wonderful group of people...you two will love it here. Looking forward to getting to know you both! :)

message 446: by Jackie, That's Her Constableness to you! (new)

Jackie (TheNightOwl) | 3042 comments Hi and welcome new members!

message 447: by Terri (new)

Terri Hi fellow Historical fiction addicts,
My name is Terri and I am excited to have found an historical fiction group that doesn't specify a certain type of HF and that has such a broad variety of tastes.
I am disappointed that I didn't come onto this group earlier as I really would have liked to read I,Claudius with the group. I like many different genres of HF, and ancient Rome is one of them. I have always wanted to read I'Claudius, but it is too late for me to get it now in time for the group read.
Hope to join another group read soon.
Ciao, T

message 448: by Becky, Moddess (new)

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 3753 comments Welcome!

message 449: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 230 comments Hi everyone! I decided to try out this online book club over the summer (wish I would of joined earlier). I am a history major and in my last year. After that, I'm off to grad school for archival studies. As you probably now realize I am a bit of a history nut. I prefer cultural history because it's people and their practices that I find interesting. I love books and read all kinds. I am looking forward to the future reads and discussions!

message 450: by Maude (new)

Maude | 993 comments Welcome Danielle! I think most of use are also history "nuts". You'll find plenty of people to discuss books with here.

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