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You met a lady and it turned into a competition for her heart, It became so extreme the other man set you aflame. He murdered you in cold blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

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I was murdered

I got three different results so I'm gonna go with the one I got first...

wha'd yah know.. you're the curious one..wanting to learn more about whatever comes your way. you're fun-loving, and all your friends love yah! whats more? you're nobody's doormatt! if you dont feel up to do what you please. In your past life- you were a CAT!!

In your mysterious, and dark past life, you were a human being of complete solitude. You were a recluse, which meant that you kept quiet and no one knew much of you. Did you have a family? Little is known about someone who was so reserved, but it is clear that you came from some sort of Dutch or German descent. You were alive in the 1880s, probably born sometimes around 1805 or 1810. Your gender? A female, my dear...a female. You died at an average age, somewhere around your early to mid 80s. Your name began with the letter C, E, or B.


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