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Where do I buy ebooks?

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Where is the least expensive place to purchase ebooks?

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Lesley | 3 comments Most of the sites for commercial books are priced fairly competitively. One might be more or less expensive than another on one book, but not on another. I mentioned in another post that I've had great luck with because of their rebate program. When you buy a book, many have a micropay rebate promotion where when you buy the book, they give you anywhere from 5 to 100 percent of the books price in rebates. I often buy a book full price if it has the 100 percent rebate promotion, then I get free books! For example, if you buy a book for $19.99 that has a 100% rebate, you automatically accrue $19.99 in your micropay account, which you can spend like cash on $19.99 worth of other e-books! Even the little ones add up -- 5% on a $6.99 priced book might not be too impressive, but when you use it right, you can save a lot.

There are plenty of other good sites --,, mobipocket.comm, I forget the url for the Microsoft Reader site. Also, (and I'm pretty sure the ms reader site) have a huge selection of free e-books. Any book that has an expired copyright (all the classics, for example) can be downloaded for free. I love reading old childhood favorites such as Louisa May Alcott!

One thing I WISH were possible, but isn't at this time, is if there were an e-book swap! Due to software protection, you can't share e-books with another person. I understand, and agree with protecting the author's rights, but with any paperback you can read it and pass it on. Maybe soneone will figure out a way to share these e-books without any rights violations!

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