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message 1: by Gina (new)

Gina (GinRobi) | 3325 comments Mod
Immortally Sexy
Date Me, Baby, One More Time (Immortally Sexy, Book 1) by Stephanie Rowe Must Love Dragons (Immortally Sexy, Book 2) by Stephanie Rowe He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot (Immortally Sexy, Book 3) by Stephanie Rowe Sex & the Immortal Bad Boy by Stephanie Rowe

Stand Alones
Stress & The City (Harlequin Flipside) by Stephanie Rowe Unbecoming Behavior by Stephanie Rowe If the Shoe Fits by Stephanie Rowe The Sharpest Edge (Harlequin Intrigue #896) by Stephanie Rowe Ice by Stephanie Rowe [image error]

Shop 'til Yule Drop by Alesia Holliday with Alesia Holliday and Naomi Nealy

message 2: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Burket (KathleenGiGiCompany) | 20125 comments Mod
Immortally Sexy is one of my all time favorite series. The "devil" steals the show. Immensely funny.

message 3: by Gina (new)

Gina (GinRobi) | 3325 comments Mod
I still have to get and read the other three, but the first one was excellent!

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