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message 1: by Julia (new)

Julia Bell (JuliaBellRomanticFiction) | 1446 comments My historical romance When Lucy Ceased to Be is free this weekend 8th-9th July. A betrayed child; a broken woman. After all she's endured, will Lucy finally lose the man she loves.

Having lost her mother the previous year, twelve-year-old Lucy Paget tries to make a contented life with her father on their farm in Ilkley, Yorkshire. But her father, Sid, would rather spend his time and money in the public house. One day in a fit of pique, Sid sets her up on a chair and tries to sell her to the men in the public house. There are no buyers until a certain gentleman shows an interest and decides to take up the offer. Edwin Beaumont has plans for poor Lucy and for the next eight years, she is trapped in a life of secrets and deceit as she adopts the guise of Edwin’s daughter. Meeting her ‘cousin’ Theo Keeton brings some consolation and over time, his friend Matthew Raynor wins her heart. But Edwin’s deception will not only lead to heartbreak, but Lucy has to face the truth that Matthew might not be the man she thought he was when he is suspected of murder.

When Lucy Ceased to Be by Julia Bell

message 2: by Anna Faversham (new)

Anna Faversham (AnnaFaversham) | 663 comments I really enjoyed this book.

message 3: by Julia (new)

Julia Bell (JuliaBellRomanticFiction) | 1446 comments Thank you, Anna. You're welcome.

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