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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA book about a girl who starts dating her next door neighbor but eventually falls for his troublemaker younger brother instead. Her (nick)name is possibly Belle. [s]

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Savannah | 20 comments Im just going to give all the random details I remember.

The characters are in high school.

The main character (mc) is a really good and sweet girl.

I said "her nickname is possibly Belle" because I remember the younger brother (yb) calling her that. He was sneaking into his bedroom window, which faces hers, by climbing a tree and she called out of her window to him to tell him to be careful and he calls her Belle and shes taken aback because they don't really know each other but he's given her a nickname.

The yb is a troublemaker who clashes with his dad a lot I think. The older brother (ob) is the "perfect child".

I think the ob was the MC's long time crush while the yb has been loving the MC from afar for a long time.

I think the MC is a year older than the yb.

I don't remember the MC and the yb ever kissing in the book. I think they only hugged.

I remember it being a very angst-y book.

The yb has a group of friends specifically a girl who the MC mistakes as his girlfriend but it's clear that they're just friends and that the girl knows that the yb likes the MC.

The MC becomes friends with the yb's friend and lets her borrow a skirt.

I think the book ended the yb and the ob rooming together in college and the ob being ok with the MC and the yb being together.

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Savannah | 20 comments Jamie wrote: "The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines"

Thanks for replying but that's not the book I'm looking for.

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Savannah | 20 comments I found it! Idk if anyone is interested but it's called The Wrong Path by Vivian Marie Aubin du Paris

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