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World superpowers. Magic rivals. A call for truce.

For the longest time, X Kingdom and Y Kingdom have been rivals in all things magic-related, particularly magic research to develop new magic for everything. The competition between the two nations drove them to become world superpowers, and since they share borders, the competition is even stiffer. Due to this, each nation's citizens are told to be wary of the other to prevent any magic secrets and usages to be leaked.

Now, X Kingdom wants to create an alliance with Y Kingdom. The new generation of the X Kingdom's royalty want to unify the two nation's research to try to discover new magic and better improve the magic they each have now. Y Kingdom is not so agreeable and continues with the competition. After much persistence, X Kingdom sends Y Kingdom a deal: to allow the X Kingdom's Crown Prince A and Y Kingdom's Crown Princess B to meet. Should the two become friends and are able to get along well within 3 months' time, the two nations should try to call a truce. Y Kingdom agrees reluctantly, and sends Crown Prince A to X Kingdom.

Of course, A is not so friendly and refuses to get along with B despite the princess' efforts. However, B doesn't give up and continues to try to get along with A. Just as A begins to open up, B is suddenly kidnapped by a well-known organization. A leads the rescue mission with the help of Elf C. Little did A know, B is well taken care of by [Magical Creature] D.

How will everything turn out? Would A rescue B safely? Who are Elf C and [Magical Creature] D? What does the future hold in store for the A and B? And perhaps the world as the two superpowers are, for the very first time in history, cooperating with each other?

Stay tuned

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. C ᴇ ʟ ᴇ s ᴛ ɪ ᴀ L ʏ ʀ ᴀ A ʟ ᴅ ɪ ɴ ɪ
. age 20 | . the princess

. L ᴜ ᴘ ɪ ɴ
. age 24 ( human years )| . the elf

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⋆ 诗怡  (plueblue02) | 816 comments finally done!
do you want to start or do you want me?
i was thinking who ever starts, should start with Joshua arriving at X Kingdom's royal castle and meeting Celestia.

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⋆ 诗怡  (plueblue02) | 816 comments It doesn't matter to me either, but you can start. I have to get off my computer soon.

I'm pretty detailed, though it really all depends on what I can conjure up, the situation in the rp, and stuff. I usually have about two full (like 10 sentences+ probably) paragraphs when I'm the first to start an rp. It gets longer or shorter as time goes on.

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⋆ 诗怡  (plueblue02) | 816 comments we'll wait until the princess gets kidnapped.

i have a class today and I'm meeting one of my roommates so I wont be replying until late tonight. And I'm going on vacation starting tomorrow til Friday so I dont know how much I'll be able to reply. just giving you a heads up since i'll disappear for an extended period of time

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( I'm responding on my phone, so there may be a number of mistakes ^^; )

The entire morning since she woke up, Celestia had been giddy with excitement. Today was the day, the big day. The day when she finally gets to meet Crown Prince Josh Carraway. Ever since her father, the King, and her mother, the Queen, told her about the deal between the two kingdoms to try to reach the truce, and that the Crown Prince and Crown Princess were to meet to first become "friends," Celestia had been counting down the days to their meeting. She heard all sorts of stories anout the other kingdom, about their nagic research, their prowess, and everything. The two kingdoms, were after all, rivals. Whenever one nation made groundbreaking news, the other rushed to catch up. Now, they were working - trying - to reach an alliance.

Celestia wondered what kind of person Prince Joshua was. Could he be a kind gentleman? Or could he be a confident leader? Or perhaps he was a stuck-up brat? Whatever type of peraon he was, Celestia had to get along with him. It wasnt just because it was for the two countries, but also for Celestia herself; she wanted to make friends with someone who was known to be on the same power level as herself. This was sure to be an interesting and unique meeting.

The horns blew soon after noon, signalling the arrival of the Prince. Celestia raced down the hallways to the front gates, disregarding her maids and butlers call for her to slow down and be careful. Celestia was an energetic child, full of excitement and happiness, and while that was good, it was troublesome to the royal family and servants that she simply had trouble acting ladylike. Even at age 20, it was not an easy thing for her.

Celestia waited in the foyer, standing tall and proud as the princess she is. Though she stood still and quiet, she couldn't hide the excitement. The servants lined up, and the gates of the castle opened, revealing the figure of Prince Joshua outside the castle. She walked, as properly and slowly as she could, to the gates.

At the entrance, she curtsied, greeting the prince, "Prince Joshua, welcome to the Kingdom of Aldini," she said, raising. "I, Crown Princess Celestia Lyra Aldini, on behalf of our kingdom, welcome you and are honored to have your presence here. Thank you for coming all the way here. It must have been a very exhuasting journey. We are in the midst of preparing a wonderful lunch for you and your entourage. Please join me in the dining hall after you have settled in your rooms."

Oh how she hated speaking such formal language. It made her so stiff and uncomfortable, completely different from how she usually talked.

( Hope this is good! Maybe they speak formally now and gradually transition into informal the more they get to know each other... )

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( It was fine! It's kinda hard to fogure out what to write since the idea is so general. I only had a vague idea for what i wanted to do, but I got more ideas as I wrote more. Dont put too much thought into it. )

First impression: confident, cool, and indifferent. Prince Joshua's demeanor was just that; he knew exactly what he wanted and didn't hesistate to state them. Celestia immediately thought that it would be difficult to get along with him. He seemed like the type who wouldnt open up to anyone unless he deemed them trustworthy. This was not going to be an easy task, but she welcomed it.

Wine? The finest wine in the country? This was unexpected.

"Ah definitely!" Celestia said with a smile. She wasn't sure if they had prepared it, but she had to act like they did. It was improper to let down an honored and important guest-of-the-stats. "We've prepared it and it is now chilling. Wine tastes the best cold. I guaranted its taste to be the very best." She has tried it once of course, the state favorite La Beauté de l'or wine, or The Gold Beauty wine as the common people know it. It truly was the best wine she had personally tasted, but because of her low alcohol tolerance level, she couldnt drink much.

Celestia led Prince Joshua and his entourage inside as she talked. She took the lead with a butler to the side to show the way. Prince Joshua was beside her, and his entouragd behind, followed by the castle's servants in the rear. It was an entire procession heading towards the east wing of the castle, where honored guests stayed. As they headed there, the servants gradually led each of the prince's people away to their rooms, as their quarters were located a little ways elsewhere.

"I will make sure that there would not be any sort of bread prepared," Celestia nodded. "From what I have heard, our chefs have prepared a variety of pasta, seafood, and meat dishes. The seafood is fresh from our southern borders, which touches the vast ocean. Please let me know if there is any dish you would like to try or any dish that you would not prefer so I can relay your wishes to our chefs immediately." She finished just as they arrived at the prince's quarters.

( I'm thinking of having feasts/parties. The first would probably be soon to welcome Joshua and the second at the end of the 3 month meeting before he leaves. By that time, they should be romantically interested in each other, and I have set up an embarassing situation for them in which Celestia would get drunk due to her low alcohol tolerance level and things go from there. Ohohoho )

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( Great! If you get any ideas on what to do with them both now that they met each other and have to actually get along, or later one, just make it happen! )

Prince Joshua thanked Celestia for leading him to his room and just before she opened her mouth to let him know when dinner would be ready - which was in two to three hours - he went in and shut the doors. Celestia was stunned at his actions. Could he not have waited for her to completely finish talking before retreating into his new chambers? Either he wanted to rest or he simply did not want to talk to Celestia anymore that made him shut the doors in her face. She couldn't figure out which one. Both were reasonable actions.

Celestia puffed up her cheeks as she walked away, the butler who had led the procession quickly followed her. "I can't quite figure him out," Celestia said. "He didn't have to shut the doors in my face so suddenly. He still needs to know there's still some time before dinner is ready."

"Princess Celestia," the butler said. "Shall I go inform of when dinner will be ready then?"

"Uh-huh, tell him, and let him know that someone will be sent for him once dinner starts so he can escorted."

"Yes Your Highness," He paused, wondering if he should remind the princess to be on her best manners since there was a special guest. "Princess, I know that you know how to behave, but as a reminder-"

"I know I know!" Celestia whined, turning around to face him. "I have to act ladylike and that I need to be more reserved." She crossed her arms. "I'm only required to be like that when I'm around him, so that means that if I'm not, I can act as usual."

"That is true," the butler said slowly. "But his followers are also staying in the castle, so please be mindful."

"I'm not a child," Celestia murmured, clearly annoyed.

Everyone in the castle knew about Celestia's personality and have watched her grow from a baby to an adult. She hasn't changed much at all, leading many to still remind her that she needs to act as an adult. Though she appreciated their concern deep in her heart, it was becoming repetitive and annoying.

"I understand," he sighed. "Then please go prepare for dinner. Your Lady-in-Waiting is waiting for your return."

"Yes, yes, I know," Celestia rolled her eyes as she turned to return to her own chambers. "I know the routine." She heaved a deep sigh.

2 Hours Later

Celestia wrinkled her face as her Lady-in-Waiting sprayed perfume on her. "Mira, is this necessary? You've sprayed- ah, ah, ah-choo! Too much!" She whined. "The smell is so strong!"

"Celes, that's only because you have a sensitive nose." Mira said. "This much is normal and the scent is only subtle to everyone. You're the special exception."

Mirabel, or Mira, was only three years older than Celestia. They grew up together and were practically sisters. Mira knew everything about Celestia and though their statuses were different, they treated each other the same, disregarding honorifics and formalities in private.

"But still! Do I have to wear all this? Isn't this too much for a dinner?" She exasperated.

The floor-length and fitted dress was a pale blue color. The long sleeves were lace and billowy, allowing maximum movement. Lightly colored embroidered flowers dotted the top, which slightly revealed her shoulders, but wasn't a complete off-the-shoulder. She wore matching jewelry: a simple yet captivating diamond necklace, earrings, and three bracelets on her right wrist. The makeup was simple and natural, highlighting her bright blue eyes.

"He's going think I'm too dressed up!"

"He is a special guest. Look your best. Stand up straight and stop complaining! The King and Queen will be there too!" Mira snapped, poking Celestia's forehead. "Now, once you're ready, we're going."

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Celestia entered the dining room with Mira following a few steps behind her. There was no one present save for the guards and servants serving food. The table was filled with a large variety of food, the delicious scent enveloping the entire dining room. One sniff could make anyone hungry.

"I guess I'm the first to arrive," Celestia said quietly as she walked to her seat, the second seat on the right from the head of the table. Mira pulled out her chair and Celestia sat down, wiggling around to try to sit comfortably. "This dress is to tight when I sit." she complained, looking at Mira. "Why did you choose this dress?"

Mira shook her head. "I didn't choose it. I was told to give you this dress. Please try to sit still and properly when the Prince arrives, and especially when the King and Queen are here Cel- Princess Celestia." She sighed. "This is an important dinner. First impressions, remember?"

"I greeted him when he arrived," Celestia muttered, sitting back in her seat. "First impressions already complete. This dinner is just simple introductions. Mother and Father are just going to greet him, sweet-talk him with some stuff, promote our country, and then leave. They're not even going to eat! Then it would just be him and me here!"

"You've very whiny today," Mira said quietly. "I thought you were looking to meeting him."

"I am! But I can tell it's going to be hard to get along with him. I'm not sure how this will go. Ahhh! I don't know anymore!"

Just before Mira could open her mouth to respond, a servant announced loudly, "Prince Joshua Carraway has arrived!"

Celestia quickly sat up straight and smoothed her dress. Mira quickly made sure Celestia's hair was neat and jewerly on properly before moving back.

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Celestia looked to the dining room's doors when they opened, watching Prince Joshua enter the room. She greeted him with a bright smile, but it didn't seem like he noticed as he picked a seat of his choosing. He made a general comment about dresses that surprised her; she didn't expect him to say such a thing. But he was correct. She wouldn't wear a dress that suffocate her of her own free will. This dress was tight, made to fit her body perfectly, and was definitely uncomfortable. The dresses that she typically wore were much more comfortable and looser, but were still fashionable.

"Thank you," Celestia said quietly in response to his rather late compliment. "You look quite dashing as well Prince Joshua."

Well, that was a little awkward. It seemed like Prince Joshua wasn't one to compliment others often, if he did. And it appeared that he didn't know what to say for conversation as well. He was quiet for a while, his eyes darting around. It must be difficult for him to settle into a place he was visiting for the very first time, especially a place which his homeland considered to be rivals with.

Prince Joshua questioned her about magical research, but it was an area that Celestia herself didn't get involved in too much. "Not as much as I hope I would know," Celestia answered honestly. "It is not within my area of knowledge or involvement, though I do know a few of the latest happenings." She paused, wondering if she should tell him what area of magic expertise she was involved in. "I'm involved with more the development and usage stages of magical research. I typically help with developing magic after research is done and such. My abilities to use magic is quite wide."

Was that a satisfactory response? Celestia sure hoped it was. She rarely, if at all, talked about magic topics in a conversation besides the researchers. If she talked about magic with others, it would be for fun and what they would do. And those topics typically starred Celestia herself and her female relatives of close age.

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Oh he definitely doesn't know how to converse, Celestia thought. She could tell that he wasn't familiar with this kind of situation, which made her unsure of what to do next. But he seemed to play it off like it was nothing, so that was a good sign.

The food was nearly ready to be bought out as the scent intertwined strongly with one another. She truly hoped that they would bring out the food so they could eat - and get rid of this silence.

"So, tell me something about yourself."

Celestia looked up. He was trying to make conversation, and this was a good start. "Well, as you know, I'm the Crown Princess of the Aldini Kingdom. I enjoy a variety of activities, though most of them are not quite the kind a princess should enjoy. I'm quite...optimistic, and stubborn. I hope you won't find me annoying Prince Joshua." She paused. "What would you like to know?"

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⋆ 诗怡  (plueblue02) | 816 comments It's okay :) I think if we still continue this, we should jump to a part to where they know each other better and can hold a conversation instead. The introduction is kinda hard to do. What do you think?

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⋆ 诗怡  (plueblue02) | 816 comments Yes, that sounds good:) since it's your turn next, can you start us with that?

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⋆ 诗怡  (plueblue02) | 816 comments It's okay. Get well soon!

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( Sorry for taking so long! I was out all day, but I'll be replying now :) Currently playing around with my new computer for college )

While it seemed like a long time has passed, only a short few days had gone by. During that time, Celestia had gradually gotten close to Prince Joshua, who she now simply call as "Joshua." No titles, no formalities, simply "Joshua." They had gotten close enough to do so, and Celestia was happy for that. When he first arrived at the palace, he had seemed weary and distant, showing no signs of wanting to do anything with her. It truly made Celestia think that despite the good intentions the two rival nations made to have them meet, the meeting simply wouldn't go well. However, with her continuous attempts to talk to him, he had slowly opened up, becoming a warmer person than she had initially thought him to be.

Their conversations were simple and easily transitioned from one topic to another. To others passing through, it might have seemed like they had been longtime friends, talking so casually with one another. Joshua was quite easy to get along with once someone got to understand him and bring him out of his shell; he was a fun and kind person. Celestia enjoyed talking to him, who treated her less like a princess and more like a normal person. He didn't quite mind her silly antics and active personality, rather he seemed to find it amusing at times. It sometimes made her wonder why so many people had bothered to remind her to be more lady-like, if a prince didn't fuss about it. But then again, perhaps he did mind it but refrained from doing so. Whatever it may be, Celestia was happy to know that someone wasn't pointing out her behavior.

Celestia was waiting. Joshua had invited her to join him outside in the gardens if she was available later on due to the beautiful weather. She told him she would once she completed her tasks, and now, she would be joining him soon - after pastries and tea were ready.

Her fondness for pastries and tea was perhaps the one quality of hers that no one fussed about; aristocrats had that love for such things and it was expected of princesses to love it too, and Celestia did, really just because the royal chefs were so adept at making her treats that were completely to her tastes! And of course, she wanted to share them.

"Finally!" Celestia exclaimed when she saw two servants carrying a tray of pastries and a tray of tea. "I've been waiting for so long! Come on!"

She led them outside and looked for Joshua, spotting him at the pavilion up ahead the path surrounded by roses. He was watching the sky, his back facing them. She thought of a little trick to play on him and decided to do so, walking as quickly and as quietly as she could over to him. Just before she reached him, however, he turned and saw her, smiling.

Celestia pouted, "And I was thinking of playing a little trick." She stepped onto the pavilion and took a seat across from him. "But of course, you turned around at the last moment." The servants placed the trays down and poured tea into each of their cups. "Anyway, pastries and tea! These are all my favorites, and I wanted to share them. This," she said said as she picked up a scone. "Is my favorite, the glazed cinnamon scone. The sweetness is just right!"

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Celestia finished her scone with a few bites and took a sip of her tea as she watched Joshua's reaction to the pastries. He seemed to really enjoy them given the pace he was eating them at. She noticed the difference in his eating behavior of when he first arrived to now. He was a more cautious eater in the beginning, taking his time with his meal. Now, he ate as if nothing was holding him back, immediately eating a new baked good after he finished one. Celestia smiled at his behavior. It simply showed how reserved he was in the beginning compared to now. She was happy that he was more like himself.

"My day so far," Celestia echoed after she placed her cup of tea down. "I had to attend a dance session for practice. It's been a while since I had a lesson in dance and practiced so I was forced to do it." Now that they were more comfortable with each other, Celestia was able to speak more informally, making conversations far easier than before. "I enjoy dancing, but I really hate having to dance in heels and with my back straight. It takes the fun out of dancing. I want to dance freely, but I can only dance by myself. It's not very fun." She sat back in her chair, slowly munching on a chocolate cookie.

( He should offer to dance with her xD and then they fall into the flower bed...setting a mood hahaha )

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⋆ 诗怡  (plueblue02) | 816 comments That's fine. Thanks for telling me.

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