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Meredith (meredithabernathy) | 3 comments Beyond the Mountain
Magicless YA Fantasy
87,000 words
No sex or swearing, but there is violence (murder and a couple of fight scenes)

I'm only looking for free beta readers at this time. I'm not at a stage where I'm ready for paid services.

As Empress of Nemes, it’s twenty-year-old Yania’s duty to rule and protect her people. But when she wakes early one morning to find her brother murdered and traitors closing in on her, she flees the palace. Alone and lost in the forest, Yania has few options, unsure what to do or who she can trust.

When she crosses paths with travelers from the north, they become unexpected allies. Choosing a weeks-long journey into exile, and hiding from her companions who she really is, the woman now called Ket accompanies them to their cowherding village in the north. As she grows closer to them, Ket learns their lives and hers have intersected before, in way none of them have guessed. She realizes that, eventually, she must reveal her past to them, but doing so will reopen wounds--and create new ones.

In their eyes, she’s become one of them. She belongs. But Ket knows better.

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Meredith (meredithabernathy) | 3 comments A sample of my beginning chapters can be found here.

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Antonio | 1 comments Hello M,

Read the sample chapters and I'm impressed with how clean and well structured the story is so far. But it was the Bronze-age magic less thing that got my attention.

I'd like to be considered a beta if you still have a need. My email is

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