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message 1: by Mountain (new)

Mountain Dwells (mtndwells) | 2 comments Genre :
Mystery / LGBT / Fantasy / New Adult

Chapters of an ongoing Novel

Length :
Each chapter ranges from about 1000-4000 words

Themes :
Detailed mystery, friendship, family, love, sex, youth, secrets, flashbacks, small town dynamic, murder, elements of the supernatural, nature vibes, #factsinfiction, lgbt characters and relationships, a few dozen characters in all, adolescent extended cast, main cast of a few adolescent characters.

Content Warnings :
Includes occasional (but at times lengthy) scenes of graphic violence, supernatural monsters, sexual content.

Please Note :
You can request theme-specific chapters, for example, if you would like to read a chapter focusing on friendship, or love, or sex, or monsters, or mystery, or general conflict, or magic, etc. just let me know and I'll find the ones best suited for you.

Comment below or PM me with any questions!
Sharing of files will most likely be via Google Drive.

message 2: by Mountain (new)

Mountain Dwells (mtndwells) | 2 comments E.R wrote: "I'm interested in giving it a read if you're still looking for readers! :)"

Wonderful! This is uncanny though.. Because my main characters are two guys named Eli and Rob, and when drafting notes, etc, I refer to them as "ER". Coincidence? Possibly.. >_>

What is the best way to contact you?

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