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Ready Player One (Ready Player One, #1)
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Ready Player One - July > Chapters 20-29

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Krista (booksandjams) | 441 comments Mod
We're coming up towards the ending. Are you eager for it to be done? Is it a page turner or are you dragging yourself through it? Has anything or anyone taken you by surprise at all?

Jenn (sterlingmccord) | 30 comments I finished this book about a week ago and although I found it to be entertaining and enjoyed the trip down memory lane (I was a teen in the mid to late 80's), overall Ready Player One just didn't do it for me. I found myself correctly guessing the outcome long before the end of the book; including the twist with the love interest. I gave the book three stars.

Krista (booksandjams) | 441 comments Mod
I just finished last night. I didn't guess any outcomes, like you did, Jenn. But I still only gave it 4 stars because it was a bit of a slow start for me and there was a chunk in the middle that dragged out a little. I loved the banter and interaction between Parzival, Ar3temis and Aech so when they weren't talking there for a bit I lost some interest.

I thought the book was super creative though and understand that the beginning was to be a bit slower because Cline had to world build both for this future society AND the OASIS too. I really enjoyed it overall!

Oh, and I loved that Wade found new enjoyment in the "real" world at the end.

Teresa Westmoreland | 3 comments I really enjoyed the book overall. I did think it dragged some during the middle but overall premise and plot was interesting.

Diane | 11 comments I finished the book over the weekend and I ended up giving it 4 stars. Overall, it was a good, solid adventure story. The ending happened more or less the way I expected it to, although a few things did surprise me (like them all "dying" just before ending the last gate!). I think I would pick it up again in the future if I was in the mood for a book with a lot of action.

I can definitely see how this book should make a good movie. Definitely plenty of battles that will look good on screen.

Wendy (Wmaresca) | 103 comments I just finished. I would say it really picked up for me once they made it through Stage 1 or the first key.
I liked the way it ended and I wonder what I would do. I don't think I would destroy the game but if I was in full control I think I would want to set boundries and time limits that you were on the game. This way you are unable to just live in the game. Get out explore and enjoy being an actual human.
I would give this book 3.5 stars. I enjoyed it but wouldn't want to reread it and not sure all of my friends would enjoy reading it. I am glad I finished it and really like again how it ended.

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