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What makes urban fic. good?

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message 1: by Alexis (new)

Alexis Johnson | 1 comments Hello everyone, I hope your mornings are going well. I'm an urban fiction reader/writer and I wanted to know, in your opinions, what draws readers to the genre?

message 2: by Blaque (new)

Blaque Diamond (blaquediamondbooks) | 5 comments It would depend on what you consider urban fiction. I write what I consider African-American general fiction. My characters happen to be African-American, but they live every day lives like any other race. If you're referring to Street Literature, then I consider that genre something different entirely. Street Lit usually deals with street life. I don't write about that. My characters have normal 9 to 5's and deal with normal struggles of every day life. I don't really know what to consider urban fiction. Not all black characters sell drugs, strip for a living, have baby mama drama, or are hooking up with the biggest baller in town, but stories like that is what I see people categorizing as urban fiction.

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