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message 1: by Julie (new)

Julie Round | 15 comments As an author I have seen my blog on my dashboard and hoped readers on Goodreads would see it but I doubt if anyone looks at it. I have written a book club set of questions for A lesson for the Teacher but don't know where in Goodreads to post it. Can you help?

message 2: by Shaun, Goodreads Expert (last edited Jul 08, 2017 01:45AM) (new)

Shaun (sponting) | 4300 comments Mod
Hi Julie! When an author shares a blog post on Goodreads, it'll appear in the newsfeeds of anyone who follows them (depending on follower's account settings). You'll find the people that are following you at this link)

If you've written a book club set of questions for your book, you're welcome to create a blog post with those questions and your followers could respond in the blog comments.

As you're an author, I can highly recommend you join the Author Feedback Group and post future questions like this over there. The community there are well equipped to help you in discussion topics like this. I also pop in there every now and then to help out so you'll see me there from time-to-time! 😊

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