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Dirty Magic (Prospero's War, #1)
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Book Of the Month > July BOTM: DIRTY MAGIC by Jaye Wells

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message 1: by JP (new)

JP Reads (JPFantasyReads) | 670 comments Mod
Hello All,

Sorry again for this being late, but the votes are in and our Book of the Month for July is:

DIRTY MAGIC by Jaye Wells
Dirty Magic Dirty Magic (Prospero's War, #1) by Jaye Wells

Please read and discuss below.

(P.S. I'm aware this was a BOTM a few years ago, but I figured we could give it another try this month)

Have fun!

message 2: by Tony (new)

Tony | 185 comments Oops, my bad. Thought I checked. Anyway the reason the series popped up on my radar is that the author announced "The 4th Prospero's War novel, VOLATILE BONDS" is due out in Sept 2017. It's been 2 years since book 3 came out so I started to re-read the series and remembered how good it was...

message 3: by Tony (last edited Jul 07, 2017 02:05PM) (new)

Tony | 185 comments Here's an excerpt from the author's email:

"Dear Friends,

The 4th Prospero's War novel, VOLATILE BONDS, is coming your way in September! To countdown to its release, my assistant will be running a series readalong of on Goodreads. This is a perfect opportunity to refresh your memory if you've already read the series, or, if you haven't given it a try yet, you can dish with other fans as you discover the world.

Starting July 11th, we'll be kicking off the readalong with Book 1, DIRTY MAGIC. I'll be stopping in periodically to answer questions and do special giveaways to those participating so be sure to sign up so you don't miss out!

Here's the readalong schedule...

July 11 - July 25: Dirty Magic
July 26 - Aug 9: Cursed Moon
Aug 10 - Aug 24: Fire Water
Aug 25 - Sept 8: Deadly Spells
Sept 12: Volatile Bonds Releases!

But you don't have to wait until July 11 to start reading. It's a great idea to get a head start now so you don't miss out on any of the discussions.

What to do today: Visit the Group Page on Goodreads and click "Join Group". You can introduce yourself in "The Clubhouse" discussion board and you'll receive a notification once the readalong officially begins. "

Here's the group page link:


message 4: by JP (new)

JP Reads (JPFantasyReads) | 670 comments Mod
Thank you for posting this!

Paulette | 44 comments @Tony thanks for the heads up!

message 6: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Chanticleer (RachelChanticleer) | 2 comments Have to check this one out. Pretty sure I snagged it as a freebie a while ago. ☺

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