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Lorien Rhy's characters will be posted here.

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 Lorien Rhys ~ Live for tomorrow  | 324 comments Character Template

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 Lorien Rhys ~ Live for tomorrow  | 324 comments [Table of Contents]

»Tyson Lightwood (17, Shapeshifter)
»Tiergan Endal (26, Wizard Counselor)

»Corra Lockwood (14, Werewolf)
»Frida Wolfe (16, Witch)


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 Lorien Rhys ~ Live for tomorrow  | 324 comments The end is in sight, though we try to ignore it

Name: Tyson Lightwood
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Shapeshifter
Sexuality: Straight

Tyson has midnight black hair which tends to dangle in front of his face if he doesn't comb it to the side. Which he usually does because his parents are huge neat freaks. Everything has to be pristine and perfect in their eyes. Even down to his clothing which consists of collared shirts, fitted pairs of working jeans, and leather boots with the occasional acception of black Converse.
Most people in his tight knit neighborhood say that he looks, "Not of this world." Whatever that means. As if he was someone they should avoid. But apparently with all the friends he has in the area, that whole thing of him being untrustworthy, is pretty crazy. Sure, he has butterscotch colored eyes (according to him) which almost glow in the dark (again, he saw this when turning off the lights in his bathroom). So he stands at six foot, one, so what? That's totally normal for a seventeen year old. Right? And lately, Tyson's been worried about that marked S on his left wrist. What does it mean? And do his parents know a thing about it?
Tyson tries looking as best as possible, even if his appearance can be messed up pretty quickly from playing with the other guys in his neighborhood. It isn't just from playing with the guys that he gets his looks messed up. Usually they'll comment that he looks too sweet to even be a guy, what with a smile that seems to be forever one his face. He doesn't exactly mind but wonders if there's something wrong with him.

(view spoiler)

Tyson is the super duper friendly guy with the enormous amounts of politeness and kindness. See, his parents taught him that everyone in the world has a value so they expect their son to treat everyone's as such. Which then the kids in the neighborhood would say that he lives in the household of hippies, which is kind of funny because both parents thought that those people were crazy and insane. Regardless of their thoughts, the kids still make it an effort to pick on Tyson's too good-to-be-true behavior. It's kind of funny with what they say because Tyson definitely is not the nicest person in the world as he's perceived to be. He has plenty of holes like everyone else. For instance: Tyson will usually go along with the crowd rather than thinking a second about what he's going to do like steal a few things from the corner store. Being the idiot that he can be, Tyson doesn't share his troubles with other people but listens intently to other people if they ever need help. Kind of odd but odd is Tyson's middle name. Like this one time when he tried a bit too hard in school to make a girl, she was looking a little sad that day, laugh and actually smile. Well, he made a fool out of himself by trying to replicate an American accent which turned out very bad for him but Tyson ended up making the girl feel much better. That was the last year in middle school and everyone got separated by the time they were in high school. So he doesn't know if she's still feeling down or not. In short, Tyson likes to make people happy and direct towards their troubles rather than his own. As for the down side of his personality, Tyson has always had a trouble with not comparing himself to others. He just can't help it and thinks how awesome it is that most people are better than him in other ways. Which then eventually leads to jealously and forces him to do even better.

New Camper or Returning: New

The Lightwoods live in a quaint neighborhood by the rolling hills of England where they hoped to find peace and quiet from the city. His mother was not at all pleased with the idea, she growing up in London, while his father, who lived in the countryside of America, convinced her to move out and here they are. The family has lived in the country for a full ten years now and all has gotten accustomed to living this way, not that there's much difference besides not as much cars and more bicycles in their place.
In those long ten years, Tyson wondered what the symbol on his wrist meant. Did it have to do with radioactivity? Or was it something else?
All throughout his many suffering years throughout school, Tyson tried making the best out of it by being the kind of guy who would tutor other students who were in need of studying for the up coming test. It's kind of weird how Tyson spent his time in that infernal place but that's Tyson for you. He would then reward himself with a nice cold glass of Fanta strawberry soda with Cheetos. See? Weird. Okay so, tutoring wasn't all that this boy did. He loved riding his bike up along the hill which was covered with dirt which he and his mates would make a bike track for them to ride along, consisting of lots of bumps and corners to zip around. To say that Tyson was a party pooper because of his unusual kindness, was a huge problem because he most certainly is not one of those people. The kind who rat out at anyone if they see anything "suspicious." That was the way it was in his neighborhood: don't rat out your friends and they won't rat out you. But aside from the whole tutor thing during middle school and high school, Tyson had several other problems in school. Unfortunately, like every guy, he had several crushes who constantly rejected him if he asked to be their Valentine but there was one year during his junior year when a cute mouse of a girl came up to him and said that she had a crush on him ever since the beginning of high school. They eventually dated for a while and became quite close when the girl unexpectedly had to leave, saying that she was going to a camp during the summer across the state and wasn't able to visit him. Well that ended that relationship and Tyson hasn't dated since.
Soon after Tyson reached the age of seventeen, a man came to their home requesting that he take the young man to a camp for tests on his peculiar birthmark, the s which was mentioned earlier. Of course, his parents were beside themselves about this and had no idea whether they should just hand their son over to a complete stranger. When Tyson was born though, they did have concerns about that mark and wondered what it meant. So after a week of discussing with their son about this, everyone thought that it would be for the best and if the doctors could figure out what it meant, all the better. Tyson does wonder if this man will actually help or if he's here for something else.
On the way to the camp, the man introduced himself as Conley Mock and said to Tyson that they were not going to a place to experiment but a camp to test his ability. Now this immediately struck panic nerves inside Tyson and he was half thinking if jumping out of the station wagon. But then Conley explained that he could do the same thing as Tyson, changing into animals. And so to demonstrate this, Conley's body was replaced by a bear who's paws were on the wheel, driving. He did eventually turn back into a human man but certainly scared the heck out of Tyson.
After Tyson went through the whole Initiation process, holding the weird stone and his mark turning a majestic purple, he didn't know what to do. So Conley has offered to give Tyson lessons to transform into animals and sorts of creatures, little by little.

Species abilities:
Changing into insects, small animals, though his specialty is a rabbit or pica.

{Father} Parker
{Mother} Rose

Pet: None

-Transforming when he has it under control
-Stuffing his face with delicious tarts and other desserts
-Making people smile
-Morning walks and swimming

-Others feeling sad
-Having to practice the same thing over and over
-Jerky jerks
-Loud music

Tyson has always struggled with keeping up to par when it comes to people who are succeeding better than he is and he can't help but feel jealous. He doesn't want to be viewed as weak for not being able to keep up with his age group.

So sure, Tyson's the nice guy and sure, he probably hasn't done a single bad thing in this life but that rarely means he doesn't get into trouble. Since he's been getting better at the whole envision the animal transformation, Tyson has done one too many pranks on his fellow campers, which he is sure that some suspect him. Like this one time where he was a cute little fawn in the middle of the night, raping the door to the camper girls, who quickly adored him. Once inside, Tyson spotted some honey and string and began his work immediately after all the girls fell asleep. He then turned into a weaving bird and zipped from across the room and back to tangle up the girls once they woke up. The in human form, Tyson squirted plenty of honey all over the place. Satisfied with his work, he decided to make a visit to one of the campers every once in a while to make the camp worth staying in.

Tyson isn't at all what you would call an open person and will just laugh troubles away but dwell on them later.

Theme Song:
"Dancing on Glass" by St. Lucia
"Get Outta London" by Aztec Camera

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Great! He's approved :)

 Lorien Rhys ~ Live for tomorrow  | 324 comments Yes! *hugs* Thank you, Maya! :D

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*hugs back* no problem :3

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Name: Tiergan Endal
Nickname: Tier
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Status: Wizard Counselor
Species: Wizard
Sexuality: Straight

Tiergan usually tries to keep a neat and tidy appearance to everyone around him, mainly because he doesn't want to look like his father in the least who was a definite slob what with him being drunk half the time. His often dark brown hair has been in quite a mess lately and Tiergan tries his best to smooth it down with a comb it's no use, his hair is a mess and will always be. At least one of the good thing that came from his mother and father his eyes, or so say some people. One eye is light grey while the other is also a light blue (mum had blue, da bad grey). Although, no one in the family can understand why they look so narrow, everyone in the Endal family have HUGE doll eyes. So his are partially a mystery. Overall, Tiergan has a very sweet face and often wonders if it makes him look like girl.
As for clothes, Tiergan has grown very fond of wool coats whenever it hits winter in the camp because then he can stuff all sorts of things in those pockets he loves very much. Even though he can't wear that many coats in summer or spring, his usual attire is often plain white shirts tucked into his black or denim jeans. And although he's been mistaken for a native Englander, Tiergan is actually Norwegian with an accent that sounds like he's English. So whenever the scouts bring a camper who is from Norway, Tiergan tends to speak in Norwegian and the two eventually talk to each other while everyone else is wondering what on earth are they talking about. And Tiergan does have to admit that from time to time, he rather enjoys seeing the look on most people's faces whenever this happens.
Tiergan also wears a pair of reading glasses which he only wears while reading or checking files.

(view spoiler)

Tiergan has a very caring personality and will come to the aid immediately if anyone in the camp is hurt. Although, he's more so specializes in protecting everyone rather than healing because, well, he isn't talented in healing magic enough. Which causes a few complications since he is the Wizard Counselor and he should know this stuff. . . Tiergan often wonders if he should even be one of the counselors in the first place, still being quite a bit young and all that.
Whenever he works with a few of the campers on the grounds with their abilities, Tiergan feels that nowadays he's getting more and more impatient with them. It's something he has to work on so the campers won't assume he's a huge jerk to the blooming wizards out there.
Overall, Tiergan feels that he has so many things to work out and fears that he'll only get worse and that no one would want to be around him. And that's one of the things he basically lives for: to see people smile because he did something that assumed them. If Tiergan sees that, it makes him get in a better mood than before. Just a single smile.

Tiergan was fifteen when he was scooped up by the camp, entirely grateful for the rescue because of the junk he had to deal with at home. Such as his dad yelling and screaming at him and his siblings because of a small thing they did. Then their mother would often come in, high on meds, and beat all three of them. Though Tiergan, being the oldest, would take the punishment for all three of them because he never wanted his sisters to get hurt. So when the scout took him from home, he felt so happy but partially sad too because he was leaving his sisters to two monsters. Throughout his childhood in a small Norwegian village, Tiergan wondered what it would be like if he was to go to other places and see other things besides the prospect of being a fisherman all his life. So when a friend offered to teach him English, in the hopes that they could travel to London and leave the village, Tiergan quickly took his chance and the two started teaching each other. Sadly though, Tiergan was taken away before he could see London or his friend.
So as soon as Tiergan was allowed to wander his old neighborhood, there wasn't a neighborhood to go back to. The whole was destroyed in a fire which was inevitably caused by too much drinking from his parents. Or at least, that's what the surviving neighbors told him.
Eleven years later and Tiergan has still wept over the fact that his sisters are dead and he could've done something to prevent the incident. He knows that he shouldn't dwell on what he could've done but he still can't help it. . . Maybe with the whole thing that happened with his sisters, maybe that's why he wants to see people smile, so he knows that things aren't rough for them. Tiergan has learned a lot while in the camp, like not to pour a pitcher of milk over the head of your worst enemy or whack someone with a nearby room using magic. And also to not expect amazing results when his abilities are only starting out. But he still fails in this and expects too much from himself and thinks that he should get it right away instead of practicing for weeks.
Now that Tiergan was appointed to be counselor a few months ago, he has been fairly busy as of late, helping with new wizard campers, which he fully expected because he is a Counselor so. . . What else can i put here?

Species abilities:
Levitating items ranging from 1 - 200lbs.
Projecting his voice 40 meters away
Sending a high pitch whistle to distract trouble

{Father} Paul (missing)
{Mother} Gertrude (missing)
{Little Sister} Martha (missing)
{Little Sister} Vallorie (missing)

A Golden Retriever he found in the woods named Molly

-Seeing people smile
-When his campers are improving on their skills
-Having time to himself

-Being impatient
-His parents
-Cold food
-Molly spilling his Chinese food

That his sisters actually died in the horrible incident.

He can sing fairly well. . . in the shower. Never has he sung in front of people and never plans to.

Theme Song:
Just Another Day - Oingo Boingo
Primary - The Cure

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Perfect he's approved!

 Lorien Rhys ~ Live for tomorrow  | 324 comments Brilliant! Thank you!

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Name: Corra Lockwood
Gender: Female
Age: 14
New Camper or Returning: New
Species Werewolf
Sexuality: Straight

Corra has always had a pretty face and that's just it. She's never been beautiful or horrible to look at, just pretty. And it's not that she minds, in fact, the less attention she brings to herself the better, Corra just finds this fact kind of funny to think about when she has nothing better to do.
She always keeps her chocolate brown hair straight up and down. Rarely does she do anything fun with it, braiding or a weird hair-do, but she will wrap it all in a ponytail if she absolutely has to. Corra likes having her hair free and her parents never knew quite what to do with that since twigs and sap would eventually get stuck when she played outside with her brothers.
One of things Corra has been grateful for was the fact that she has her mother's eyes. A bright, emerald green is what she sees whenever looking at a mirror as she thinks about her mother. Now that may sound strange to some people but it's funny what you'll hold to of those you care about.
In her Wolf form, Corra has a whole mixture of colors. On her coat you can easily see a muddy brown, tan, white, and grey. When hiding in the brush, this helps quite a bit if she ever needs a quick escape from whoever is coming a bit too close for her liking. After all, she could very well hurt someone! In the transformation, her eyes stay the same green they are when she's human.

(view spoiler)

Being the kind of girl who tends to keep to herself, Corra hasn't made all that many friends. Her parents were concerned about this for a while since they wanted their daughter to feel loved but eventually let it drop once she got older. To say that she's insanely shy is an understatement. Corra is immediately suspicious if you start talking to her for no good reason but keeps it to herself in the end. That doesn't necessarily mean she's a big meanie it's just. . . she likes to keep to herself better than if she's around other people. It just works better that way. Corra can be sweet to people who look like there interested with her. Like the one time this boy named Meloi was keen on knowing so much about her and what she liked. Of course, the family had to move away before she could truly call him a friend.

The Lockwoods are certainly just an ordinary family with ordinary children and no one expects them to be any different. Except when Corra's awkwardness around other people began to spread like wild fire in the gossiping neighborhood. So when the gossip got even worse, and the Lockwoods weren't being treated rightly, they moved out of the area and now live in a much quieter place where trees surround at every turn. That incident was five years ago and ever since then, the Lockwoods have enjoyed the spot where they now call home.
Two years ago, the family were heading towards a national park since summer vacation just started and were eagerly anticipating the whole trip. Corra's father was driving along the cliffs when another car zoomed around the corner and snagged their truck. That's when, before anyone knew what was happening, they were all tumbling down the edge of the cliff. The family never experienced true fear such as this as they crashed at the bottom of a hundred foot drop. What felt like hours, Corra woke up to the truck being scratched and dented and everyone else wasn't better either. Both parents had their eyes wide open, as if they were still living the moment, and her brothers had their eyes closed with bloodied gashes. Then came the pain. Her whole body felt like it was just about to crumble and melt away. After hours of being down in the canyon, a helicopter was heard from above and whoever was still alive held their breaths. Corra was brought up along with her brothers but the people who were helping them gave the children sympathetic looks when they came to the matter about their parents. They were dead. Both of them. Corra never felt so lost in all her life What were they going to do now that their parents were gone? Be separated and put into an orphanage? That seemed like the likely choice. But on Corra's birthday, her whole life was only going to get weirder.
As soon as she had turned fifteen, she and her brothers made a pact stating that they were going to escape officially from the orphanage. But those plans were about to be finished. On the night they were suppose to be escaping, a woman with fiery red hair wanted to adopt Corra as one of her own. Of course, the children were against the idea as well as the thought of being separated. They then tried to escape from this crazy cook but were immediately stopped with tendrils of what felt like air wrapping around their bodies. Corra's brothers passed out onto the floor as she watched them and the woman released her hold on Corra, explaining to the girl that she was "special" and that there were more like her at this camp. Before Corra could even argue to the woman about the crazy idea, she was knocked out and hours time, was a werewolf.
Of course, during her stay at the Camp, Corra has remained to be her usual, quiet self. Although, now that her ability has been announced as a werewolf, she's recently had strange cravings for meat and has yet to actually transform into a wolf. But her one concern while staying at the Camp was if she would be able to see her brothers again. The werewolf Counselor did say that she could write letters to her brothers and they would be delivered at the orphanage. That is, if her brothers didn't get adopted first. But the thing with the letters is that she can not tell them where she is so you can imagine what's going on in their heads right now.

Species abilities:
Over time and practice, Corra will be able to reach speeds of over twenty miles per hour

Charlie - Father (deceased)
Lottie - Mother (deceased)
Anselmo - Older brother
Junior - Young brother

-Listening to music
-Spending her afternoons in the forest

-Having to transform
-People talking trash about her style of music
-Being awkward as people want to talk to her

When Corra was brought to the camp, her camera, iPod touch, and headphones with a pair of clothes was all that seemed to accompany her. Now everything that is hers, is precious and Corra spends most her time on these things.

Corra hopes that to her brothers, she was a good sister but sometimes she wonders if they think that she planned to be taken away without telling them. The truth that they might hurts too much for her.

Theme song
Rose of the Devil's Garden - Tiger Army
Ghostfire - Tiger Army

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Perfect she's approved!

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{Name} Frida Wolfe
{Gender} Female
{Age} 16
{Species} Witch
{Sexuality} Straight

Despite what the picture below shows, Frida Wolfe has golden brown hair which reaches down to the middle of her back and hangs in soft waves whenever she has it long. Though, there a few who ever see her with her hair loose. Frida is rarely seen without having her hair pulled up into a somewhat high ponytail or put into a small little knot towards the back of her hair. She hates having her hair constantly in her face so she pulls it up for this reason. All of her brothers and sisters, and herself, have their father's freckles across the nose and some scattered like dust on their cheeks. The children did inherit their mother's green eyes while have a mix with their father's gray. So most of the children of green gray eyes.
Frida stands at five foot, nine inches which is only three inches shorter than her twin, Dimitri, who stands at a perfect six foot. So her only way in making herself look like she isn't a midget compared to her brother, is wearing her handy maroon Doc Martins which give her two more inches.
She brought along with her a good pair of flannels, baseball t-shirts, and jeans. As well as some pants that her Tante wore when she was growing up in the 70s.


Frida is just a big ball of energy but that isn't to say that she's a ditz most of the time. She most definitely is not one of "those" girls. You know, the giggly, blushy, and cutesy kind. She's a tomboy in every shape, way, and form and no matter how hard you try to push to try something "girly," you may just end up on the floor as Frida tells you what an idiot you're being. Of course, when her mother pushes her, she doesn't say anything but but her lip as Dimitri and Fico laugh at the silliness of it all. She loves playing jokes and pranks on other people. And as much as she wishes it wasn't the typical "twins have to pranksters and jokers in real life and in books" it's true that she and her twin love joking around more than anything.

{New or Returning} Third Year

When the family moved back into a neighborhood in Idaho, they knew that their lives would be quiet and simple, not too much excitement and all that. So when the twins asked if they could give a high school a shot as freshmen (the family has been homeschooled their entire lives), it came as a definite surprise. The twins explained that they wanted to see if being in a public school was really as bad as everyone made it to be. . . although, they had other plans ones which will be mentioned later on. Everyone was appalled at the idea but eventually, Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe decided that they should try it and see how they liked being in the system (the parents were public schooled as children). So at the first year of high school, the twins set out to change the world.
A year went by aaand. . . CHAOS!!!! The twins were at their best and realized that the schools needed to brighten up a bit instead of being so dull and boring with their beige and gray walls. . . oh! And more beige and gray in the bathrooms. Fortunately for the twins, they've never gotten caught nor have been in a sweating situation with whoever caught them in the act. Mostly because the students in their high school adored them and thought that their cause here at the high school was a great one. And nobody would ever stop the twins in their breaking moment. Well, maybe Lena Harrison would occasionally try and stop them but it wouldn't do her any good. Once the twins became quite the talk among students and a few trustworthy teachers, word got out that they were the next big thing. But this didn't happen over night. It took them a full year to build this high profile so it wasn't like it just fell onto their laps. Anyway, what happened next was quite extraordinary, Frida and Dimitri were offered scholarships at Pranksters Institution. At first, it seemed like someone was pulling a joke on them. So as soon as they got home, they checked the Internet for evidence that the place existed, and sure enough, it did. Once the parents had their approval, the twins set out on their long trip with a man and woman named Correy and Fresca Maloy.
Something wasn't feeling right inside Frida as she took a bite from her burger when they stopped to eat something after five hours of long driving. And it wasn't just her stomach. Everything hurt and she felt as though she would just explode! Fresca asked if everything was alright and that was when things went black.
Next thing she knew, she was sitting on a bench with other kids around her age or younger or older and someone was giving them an orientation about werwolves and wizards and other junk that didn't make sense to her at the time. Then a stone was pressed against her wrist as she struggled through the drowsiness in her head. Then people congratulated her on being a witch and she wanted to yell at them that she wasn't anything of the sort. But darkness took her back in.
So this being her third year of attending camp, Frida has learned a lot with her abilities and the whole system that's worked for a while. She's still kind of freaked out about the idea of everyone having their own powers and that everyone is different when it comes to their abilities. But Frida is definitely not complaining about hers, like at all. Helps with tons of things actually. Like, dumping water on someone's head without them realizing it's her, flipping through someone's textbook pages with her being gen feet away, and levitating. Man, how she loves her levitating. Frida's even trying to lift herself up using her abilities but still hasn't been able to lift over more than six inches from the ground. It has helped with her morning routine though: making her hair and bed up and brushing. Frida and Dimitri have always gotten along with other people so it isn't that much of a surprise to say that they have quite a lot of friends.
Though the years have gone by with her only being able to see her family through FaceTime and any other communications needed, Frida has wanted to see them in person again and always keeps a plan of escape in her head. . . just in case. And even though Dimitri is at her side half the time, it still isn't the same when the rest are at Idaho.

{Species abilities}
>Levitating small items
>Talking to other animals: birds, mice, picas etc.
>Bringing inanimate objects to life


Father - Hamill
Mother - Marie
Brother (twin) - Dimitri
Sister (younger) - Amber
Brother (younger) - Fico
Sister (younger) - Maple

-Dutch food (mainly food in general)
-Being mischievous

-Plans backfiring
-Abilities aren't working
-People who plot against her
-Baking gone wrong

{Theme Song}
The Misunderstanding - OMD
Atomic Garden - Bad Religion
Stranger than Fiction - Bad Religion

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