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My Name is Lucy Barton > Why decision postponed?

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message 1: by Nicoleta (new)

Nicoleta | 6 comments Hello all
Finished the book
Why do you think Lucy posptponed the decision to divorce her husband even though she was unhappy?
One reason i see are the kids , but they seemed affected even when the decision was done later

message 2: by Gaye (new)

Gaye Weintraub | 5 comments Who knows why anyone did anything in this book? lol The entire read is superficial at best and lacks any character development or even a plot. It's 188 pages of nothingness. So disappointed. The cover sounded so good! Was anyone else incredibly disappointed by this read? I was excited and voted for it and picked it up at Half-Price determined to read it even if it wasn't chosen. The entire time I kept asking myself, "This is an award-winning author??"

message 3: by Mely (new)

Mely (mneg) | 0 comments Gaye I agree completely with you. Especially after reading the rave reviews on it. I was thinking "Am I reading the right book?", LOL. I did not enjoy this book and so I really don't have much to say about it. I couldn't relate to any of the characters in the book nor the relationships between them. So I don't know why she would put it off.

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