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Jamie (ReadsInTrees) Dacyczyn (ReadsInTrees) | 96 comments A recent post reminded me of a different time travel book I read...though I can't remember many details from it at all. I read it perhaps within the last ten years, but I don't have any idea when it was published. I'm pretty certain it was NOT a romance novel, though there may have been some romance within the book.

All I can recall is that there were two women (past and present) who I think switch places. I don't remember how/why the switch. They may have been related (grandmother/grandchild?) Literally the ONLY detail I remember is that when the modern day woman got into the past woman's bed, she noted how much grit there was between the sheets.

Long shot....but any ideas?

Jamie (ReadsInTrees) Dacyczyn (ReadsInTrees) | 96 comments Wow, that was fast. Yes, I believe that's it. I even have it marked as "read" on Goodreads, but no details, so I must've added it when I joined Goodreadsin 2011.


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