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Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (PinkHairedWannabe) | 1378 comments Mod
This is the dorm of Kay John(Demigod) and Addison(Amanda). Only these two are allowed to RP in this room unless given permission. Decorate however you want!

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Kay's side is decorated like a forest with a net as a bed

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Kay walks in and sees a other girl "
you must be my roommate names kay"

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Nice to meet ya

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"So who you parents" said Kay climbing on a tree (it's fake)

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

"Little John "Kay replied now hanging on a branch

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"Glad I don't have a prep princess as a roommate s""(may leave soon)

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Gotta go I am meeting someone in the woods Kay said and walked out

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Kay walked in "hey roomie " Kay said smiling

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Kay then walked over to her side and flopped on her net and and sighed

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Kay started drawling she then left the drawling of matt on a near by tree stomp open

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Kay blushed n-nothing Kay stumbled and closed the drawling pad

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So how was your night Kay said trying to change the subject

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"Kay smiled please it must be very interesting I would love to hear about your night" changing it back to her again

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Kay smiles fine and told her about matt and every thing that happened

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"The end" Kay said when she was finished and walked out of the room so that Addison couldn't ask anymore questions.

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Kay was in her fake tree but Addison couldn't see her

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She climbed down" what the heck was that I tell you about matt then this"Kay's fist was clinched

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Kay didn't know how to feel her dad taught her to be protected and carving right now she didn't know how to react

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Kay sat on addisons bed and rubbed her back

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"Hey you ok"Kay said

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Hey it's fine and I am trying to make you feel better sorry if I am not doing it right I was raised in a forest with a bunch of boys I don't do emotions that often" Kay said smiling

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"It's fine really as long as you tell matt none of that stuff is true" Kay smiled

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"Good so we're still friends right" Kay smiled

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" you wanna do something " Kay said with a gleam in her eyes

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"What do you wanna d"o Kay said looking at addisons side for something to climb on

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Kay walked over to her side and climbed on the tree "how can you do that there is nothing to climb on

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Ok where you wanna go ( at tianas place I have Tina she can serve us)

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

No fair I can't climb on the ceiling

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Kay crossed her arms like a toddler " no fair why couldn't my dad have powers

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So we're you wanna eat we could go to tianas place

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(By the way Tina's not open anymore we could useable waiter)

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(( oh then ok and because I just told someone she was off work))

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Kay walked in "so now that we made up what'd you think of Matt" Kay said laughing

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Kay's eyes widen "what " her smile gone a shocked look on her face
(What about them))

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Kay punched her in the arm "don't do that" her smile was back

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((Sure where at))

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((How about the meadow)) Kay said " that was a very mean thing to do ms. Queen

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((OK)) Kay then stuck out her tongue

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Sure what game Kay said ((I posted))

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Kay smiled ok

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Ok truth or dare Kay said

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" ok you like anyone " Kay said

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Kay shook her head "couldn't think of anything else (I thought you couldn't do it today)

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Kay was siting on her bed " hey" (oh you back)

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( wrong roleplay?)

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" what's up" Kay said claiming down from her tree

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" wait wait " Kay said falling out of her tree " owe why are you running away"

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" cause what " Kay said stretching her arms out

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