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Noella Menon | 5 comments The Merry Tongue - A Story of Love, Loss, Faith & Surrender
252 pages - ebook and paperback versions
Genre - Spiritual Growth, Family and Relationships, Death, Grief and Bereavement

If you've lost someone you loved deeply and are suffering with the anguish of loss and grief - The Merry Tongue will remind you again that there are simply no coincidences and that the good Lord can lift even the most sunken of us out of a deep pit and wants only the best for his faithful. It's a book about simplistic and implicit faith and God's wondrous power to transform and heal.

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Paperback (Print Book)
The paperback is available to be purchased directly from the US website on Amazon at $10.99 (Shipping charges will apply) Here is the link.

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Noella Menon | 5 comments Blurb: Love transcends time and space and is eternal. A young woman finds herself in a new realm of uncertainty when the loss of her beloved husband breaks open the safety of her cocoon. Will her new wings take flight as a colourless moth or a vibrant butterfly? Find out in The Merry Tongue

Synopsis: Can the painful loss of your beloved leave you with an inexplicable joy? Can the ache and choking emptiness be replaced with peace and a love that heals you to the very core of your being? Is it even possible to feel so light-hearted, you begin to laugh again and are astonished at your own rejoicing spirit?

The Merry Tongue is an uplifting, soul-satisfying reflection on the wondrous unison of joy and sorrow – each so interdependent that they are never truly experienced without the other.

It is a celebration of His mysterious ways – a life journey that will rekindle the light in a dwindling spirit and un-break a reclusive heart. It will fill you with a sense of awe again and remind you that there are simply no coincidences.

Does a grounded caterpillar, in the safety of a cocoon, ever imagine the magic of flight? We invite you to celebrate the miracle of metamorphosis in this heart-warming story of Love, Loss, Faith and Surrender.

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The Merry Tongue: A Story of Love, Loss, Faith & Surrender (Family & Relationships / Death, Grief, Bereavement Book 6839832)

The Merry Tongue: A Story of Love, Loss, Faith & Surrender

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