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((RP here))

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Alexandria Nightengale (ls-mercerary) | 2 comments The last mission had been too easy. Go through the gate to the Desert Zone and find a lost Grunty. Phe, WAY too easy. The levels of the monsters had been either lvl. 30 or lower. Ange(Elegant Angel of Death) wish that for once, she might find someone worthy of a fight.

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Sketchy Z Katara Rouge walked through the desert Zone, her low-cut kimono dragging lazily behind her. She walked through the sandy field, smiling a bit to herself. "Wow. A purple dinosaur." Suddenly a large purple dragon like thing appeared before her, charging towards her in attempt to knock down her hp. But Katara sent out a single punch, and the dragon suddenly lost all hp and gave her experience points. "Oooh lovely!"

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Cosmo (assbutt) | 2 comments "hmmmmmmm what to do what to do......."Rya said as she logged on....

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