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Noella Menon | 6 comments Promotional Prices in all market places on Amazon for the month of July. Click on the links below to order your copy In your country and currency of choice
Here are the links ...

Amazon India Link -
Amazon US Link
Amazon UK Link -
Amazon Australia -
Amazon Canada -
Amazon France -
Amazon Japan -
Amazon Italy -
Amazon Spain -
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Amazon Netherlands -
Amazon Germany -

Paperback (Print Book)
The paperback is available to be purchased directly from the US website on Amazon at $10.99 (Shipping charges will apply) Here is the link.

U.K Link at 10 Pounds - (With Free Shipping within the U.K)

Canada Link at CDN$14.53- (Free shipping for Amazon Student Account Holders or purchases over $35)

France at Euro 12.65 including taxes - (Free Shipping Included)

India - (Free Shipping Included)

Please watch the Book Trailer Here -

message 2: by Noella (new)

Noella Menon | 6 comments Blurb: Love transcends time and space and is eternal. A young woman finds herself in a new realm of uncertainty when the loss of her beloved husband breaks open the safety of her cocoon. Will her new wings take flight as a colourless moth or a vibrant butterfly? Find out in The Merry Tongue

Synopsis: Can the painful loss of your beloved leave you with an inexplicable joy? Can the ache and choking emptiness be replaced with peace and a love that heals you to the very core of your being? Is it even possible to feel so light-hearted, you begin to laugh again and are astonished at your own rejoicing spirit?

The Merry Tongue is an uplifting, soul-satisfying reflection on the wondrous unison of joy and sorrow – each so interdependent that they are never truly experienced without the other.

It is a celebration of His mysterious ways – a life journey that will rekindle the light in a dwindling spirit and un-break a reclusive heart. It will fill you with a sense of awe again and remind you that there are simply no coincidences.

Does a grounded caterpillar, in the safety of a cocoon, ever imagine the magic of flight? We invite you to celebrate the miracle of metamorphosis in this heart-warming story of Love, Loss, Faith and Surrender.

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