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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 1908 comments Name:Kisita
Species:No one knows not even her
Personality:Curious, sweet, powerful, independent, and fun
Other:She hatched from a little egg in a strange place and she traveled a whole bunch and ended up where they are now. She can eat anything and she can absorb light so that she can glow any time she wants. Her eyes can make things explode if she concentrates. She has no blood, only poison flows threw her veins so if her 'blood' got on anything it'd die or disintegrate. She doesn't have to breathe.

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Name: Jannice
Age: 20
Species: human
Gender: female
Apperance: post later
Personality: very experienced with the paranormal
Crush/Mate: open
Other: her ex was a vampire that after breaking up with, tried to kill her. she has a huge scar on her shoulder now to remind her not to mess with someone like that ever again

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