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Deaths' characters will be posted here.

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Deaths coming torture mastrer-if you want someone torture he wil | 5 comments Name: Jordan Unorlox

Nickname: Has none

Gender: Male

Age: 15

New Camper or Returning: Returning for his second year

Species: Wizard

Sexuality: Hetrosexual

Appearance: Often wears a suit when indoors and is not busy, otherwise he wears a normally wears a black collared shirt with jeans. He is quite thin with dark hair


Faceclaim: Skandar Keynes

Personality: Jordan is a critical person who spends most of his time alone, studying and practising his magic and potion craft. The reason most people don't really like to spend time with him is because of his critical nature, he is almost always critical of people and is not kind with it, many saying he is overly harsh with his criticism, while he just thinks he is being truthful. Because of this people naturally don't spend much time with him, though the few that do become friends with find themselves

History: (Make sure you explain how and who your character was scouted by. What kind of camp does their parents believe Camp Occult is?)

Species abilities: (Abilities their species has)








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