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message 1: by Paige (new)

Paige (hesiod) | 11 comments Hello!
I'm look for feedback on my first novel. It's currently finished and been through some editing, but I'm at the stage where I can't move forward without feedback, so any would be appreciated!

Here's a brief summary:

Casey ran away from home at fifteen without a single goodbye. She built herself a better life working in illegal spell design, finding friends and security. Or, so she thought. When an attack on her apartment leaves her life in rubble, Casey must return home. As she tries to pick up the pieces again, her friends leave her behind in a mysterious air that picks up attention from all the wrong people. Finding herself in trouble, she can't help but wonder they're not the people she thought they were, yet she can't help but want them back.

Preferably, I'd like a critique partner in the same genre as mine: fantasy--either YA or adult. However, I'm open to most genres: all YA, sci-fi, contemporary, etc.

If you're interested, please let me know!

message 2: by ChessPawn (new)

ChessPawn | 109 comments Hello,

I'm also looking for feedback on my current project, and your manuscript sounds interesting. I was wondering if you would be open to potentially doing a swap with a historical fiction story?

My manuscript is about 90K, set during WWII. Here is a synopsis:

After the defeat of his country in September, 1939, Tadeusz Stern, an ambitious, twenty-two year old pilot in the Polish Air Force, crosses across Europe to Great Britain to join the Royal Air Force—their last hope of fighting the Germans who invaded their homeland.

In the following summer, the Battle of Britain breaks out, and the freedom of the British Isles has never seemed so fragile. Tadeusz, having formed a close friendship with his dubious mechanic Anatoli Ryszkowski and Auxiliary Air Force volunteer Verity Lovingood, finds himself facing English prejudice, conflicts between his pilots, and wavering morale within the whole squadron.

As he flies mission after mission, Tadeusz struggles to keep alive the hopes of his fellow airmen, even as he himself becomes increasingly vulnerable to the dangers of aerial combat, as well as the human disasters of his own creation on the ground.

I don't usually write much fantasy, but I have read quite a bit of it. For me, I'm looking to see if my manuscript can be accessible to people that aren't typically fans of the genre. However, if you aren't interested in this sort of book, no hard feelings! Good luck on your project! Feel free to PM me here or send me an email at


message 3: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (WARoberts) | 2 comments Hello,
I'm in the same boat as you. I've gotten through my first draft and can't move forward until I get some fresh eyes on it.

My MS is just under 65K and is a YA Fantasy that follows Olivia Colt, a twenty year old college drop out that returns home to deal with the loss of her mother. She intends to make something of a life there with the remainder of her family when some past friends appear with a not so kind ultimatum. With an ever rising body count and death breathing down her neck, Olivia must face who and what she is. 

Perhaps we could trade MS. If not good luck with your work. It does sound interesting.

message 4: by Randy (new)

Randy Smith | 54 comments hello Paige, I wonder if you'd be interested in swapping reads. I have a fantasy novel that I believe would be considered YA. If you like, we could exchange either the whole book, or a few chapters. I'm not much at editing, but since you've already had some of that done, perhaps I can read your book and offer opinions and thoughts about it.
Here's a short blurb about my book....
Mike’s walking with his girlfriend, Violet, when he experiences a fall and awakens in a world where magic is real. He befriends a young woman as he works to reach Violet whom he believes to be there also. Unfortunately, as he’s comforting this new friend after her puppy has been killed, Violet pops in and reacts poorly. In a jealous, magical rage, she transforms Mike into Michelle before she disappears to join her fellow, soon to be world dominators.
This is when Mike, now Michelle, learns Violet was summoned here; her previously unknown magical abilities trained and enhanced by renegade mages to help them with their plans. They want to take over this world and many more that are connected via unseen doorways. He joins the quest to stop those mages in the hope that he can find Violet, get her to restore his male self and to stop the coming war. He soon realizes that this is no fairy-tale; magic is not fun, it’s deadly.
When Michelle embarks on this quest, she’s joined by her new friend who feels responsible for her transformation. As Michelle realizes her female friend is falling in love with her, she struggles with feelings of her own; she’s falling in love with her friend.
Perhaps returning to her home world as a male is not quite as important as she first thought. If she can survive, save this world, and the connected worlds, maybe she can embrace love… wherever she finds it.
If you like, I'd be happy to read your work and offer whatever thoughts I have.
Thanks, Randy

message 5: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 98 comments Hello Paige,

I'd be interested, if my manuscript is something you might like. It's a dystopian sci-fi novel currently sitting at around 90k words.

If you still have space in your schedule for another Beta reading partner then get in touch.

All the best.

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