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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Here's where cheer, football, and lots of the sports teams practice

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Chloe was breathing hard. She had run though her tumbling pass for the pep rally on Friday about 20 times, but it still wasn't perfect.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) She glanced over at the entrance and saw what looked like another girl walking in. Chloe pasted her cheerleader smile on and walked over.

"Hi! I'm Chloe," she said perkily

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((That's weird, it put my reply to yours before yours))

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Kya | Diamond ((it glitched and posted mine, i obviously wasn't done, hold on))

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((Kk))

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Kya | Diamond Lexi was passing by the football field, her bag slung over her right shoulder. The cheerleaders were practicing, and she couldn't help to notice the tumbling skills they were doing, or trying to do. So she slipped through the gate, and took a seat on the bleachers, just watching the practice, for right now.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((Kk, now the one I said earlier. Sorry, my phone is being kinda weird right now))

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Chloe saw another girl walked in and sit on the bleachers. She smiled and walked over to her.

"Hi, I'm Chloe Wayne, head Cheerleader," Chloe said brightly

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Kya | Diamond "Lexi Harper." She replied to the perky cheerleader. She was smaller in size, and younger, but that didn't bother her. "I saw your tumbling, you need to rotate faster." She said watching the other girls going through their passes, and cringed inside.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Chloe scowled for a second, then smiled. She hated being corrected.

"Actually, my gymnastics coach said I'm rotating too fast and it's throwing off my landings," Chloe said smiling sweetly

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Kya | Diamond She stood up and dropped her bag onto the bleachers, the metal clanging with the weight of the bag. "Okay, Throw it again, This time I'll watch for rotation." Lexi said gesturing to the field.(let me know what pass it actually is)

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Chloe nodded and bounced back onto the field. She ran into her round-off double back handspring back layout. This time, she did it perfectly. She held it for a few seconds, then spirited off the field.

"That time was better, I think," Chloe said walking back over

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Kya | Diamond Lexi watched carefully, anaylzing each movement. She held back a smile when Chloe landed, knowing full well that perfomance goes up when you're under pressure.

"That was good, now again." Lexi said meeting her halfway, now walking towards the field.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Chloe raised an eyebrow then ran through 4 more times.

"You wanna show me what you can do?" Chloe said. The cheer team had lost a girl who'd broken her arm when she was shot out of a canon, so she was on the lookout for anyone who might be a good fit

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Kya | Diamond "You weren't rotating fast enough the last two times, which caused an ify landing." Lexi noting, looking at the rest of the girls.

Lexi shrugged, "I guess, what does your team require?" She knew Chloe would want to see jumps and tumbling, so she bent down and tied her hair in a ponytail, standing back up to see what she wanted first.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "You have a tumbling pass right now?" Chloe said. It was always good to see what people had in their back pocket, since sometimes at games, thing could get hairy

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Kya | Diamond "Of course!' Lexie said perking up in spirit. "What do you want to see?" She asked, seeing that she didn't ask for anything particular, "Standing, running?" Either way she had skills. She wasn't dressed for the occasion, but her jean shorts, and t shirt would work.

message 19: by Ev (new)

Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "You pick," Chloe said. "And do you know what spiriting is?"

message 20: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond "Okay..." Lex said trailing off, so much to choose from. "Yes of course, you're looking at an ex competitive cheerleader, just fyi." She took a few steps to the side, to get to an open spot on the field and tumbled, throwing a round of back handspring to a full twist.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Nice," Chloe said. "What jumps do you know then? You need at least toe touch, hurdler, pike, and a few others that I'm forgetting."

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Kya | Diamond "Toe touch." Lexi said doing one, reaching about her own height in the jump. thanks to her own training, she was still super flexible. She listed off the jump before doing each one. And even added a few double jumps in.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Those look pretty good," Chloe said, twirling her ponytail around her finger. "You know, one of our girls broke her arm, so we have a spot. If you wanted, I could see if our Coach might want to give you a late tryout."

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((You still there?))

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Kya | Diamond "Sure, why not. Let me know when." Lexi said walking back to her bag to grab her phone. She passed it to Chloe, a new contact page was up, so she could type in her information.

message 26: by Ev (new)

Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Great," Chloe said as she typed her info in. "You know, you totally remind me of myself last year."

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Kya | Diamond "¿Cómo es eso?" Lexi asked looking at her contact info before she pocketed her phone. She blinked, realizing she had switched to spanish, as her mind was thinking of her upcoming language test. "Sorry, how is that?"

message 28: by Ev (new)

Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Très bon," Chloe said, smirking at her. She spoke a ton of languages, since her dad had pushed her to when she was younger

message 29: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond "Vous parlez espagnol aussi. Intéressant." Lexie said crossing her arms and returning Chloe's smirk with one of her own.

message 30: by Ev (new)

Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Oui, et Latin, allemand, chinois, et quelques autres," Chloe said.

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Kya | Diamond "Nous devrions s'entendent bien alors." Lexie commented raising an eyebrow. "Avisame cuando puedo probar con el entrenador en jefe." Lexie picked up her bag and shrugged it onto her shoulder.

message 32: by Ev (new)

Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "I will," Chloe said grinning. "Depending on how this all shakes out, we may be seeing a lot more of each other soon."

message 33: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond Lexie smiled. This was going to be fun. "Looking forward to it." She looked towards the gate, then at her phone, it was getting late(ish).

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((Had such a good time rping with you!!))

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) -------END------

message 36: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond ((Want to do the tryout roleplay now?))

message 37: by Ev (new)

Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((Yup, lemme go ahead and approve my cheer coach, and we can get going))

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Kya | Diamond ((let me know where. :)

message 39: by Ev (new)

Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((I guess here if you want))

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Kya | Diamond ((okay, you start please.))

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) A few days later, Chloe and Coach Haywood walked into the field.

"You do text her and let her know that I could see her today, right honey?" Coach said to Chloe.

"Of course," Chloe said brightly. If Lexie was late, that would definitely knock her off, no matter how good she tumbled

message 42: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond Lexie was actually there early, and dressed for the occasion in bright colored shorts and a old cheer shirt, her blonde hair pulled into a clean and high ponytail. She had been waiting on the bleachers where her and Chloe and first met. Lexie noticed Chloe out of the corner of her eye and waved, walking to met her and the coach halfway.

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Kya | Diamond ((You stilly there?))

message 44: by Ev (new)

Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((Yeah, gimme just a sec))

message 45: by Ev (new)

Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Hi, Lexie?" Coach Haywood said. "It's nice to meet you."

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Kya | Diamond "Yes. Nice to meet you Mrs Haywood." She did do her research so she does know who she is. "Hey Chloe!" Lexie said giving a small wave to Chloe before turning her attention back to the coach, for instructions.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Alright, let's start simple, could you show me your right and left splits," Coach Haywood said.

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Kya | Diamond "Yes ma'am." Lexie slide down into her left splits, then still in them she switched to middle, then over to her right. She had all of them down, and paused for a good ten seconds in each, resisting the urge to give a gymnastics pose in each.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Alright, Chloe sent you a video of our dance and cheer from tryouts, so would you like to show me those," Coach Haywood said. She phrased it as a question, but it was really an order

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((You there?))

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