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message 1: by Shandee (new)

Shandee | 45 comments Hi All -

I am wondering if anyone knows anything about the author Leah Carrington??? I read the two books from her series The Billionaire's Secret Wife and became intrigued by the story. However, both books ended with cliffhangers, with the promise of releasing the next installment. The second book was released back in February 2015. No update on Book 3 to date. Anyone know anything about this????

I have to say that this is one of my pet peeves about cliffhangers. When the author never releases an ending....

message 2: by RJ (new)

RJ | 24 comments I've never heard of this author, so I looked her up and found this in the bio of an author named Porscha Sterling--

"In late 2014, Sterling explored writing under the pen name, Leah Carrington, and released an interracial romance series, titled The Billionaire's Secret Wife, which debuted in the top 5 on the best-seller's list for Multiracial Romance novels."

She is writing quite a bit as Porcha Sterling and running a publishing house. The Leah Carrington pen name seems to be inactive, so I'm skeptical that those books will be continued.

Her amazon page-

message 3: by Shandee (new)

Shandee | 45 comments Thanks RJ. That kind of sucks... I was really wondering what happens next in this series. That is why I am always a little leery about reading a series, unless it has been out for a while and the sequels are already published. I hate being left hanging...

message 4: by RJ (new)

RJ | 24 comments You're welcome. I agree about reading an unfinished series. Also, judging by the covers, the new books under this name don't seem to be IR?

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