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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments Hi

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments Yep

((( Silver O. Smith - "Snug as a bug on a drug. (We Happy Few)" . . . What the hath... ))) Name: Silver Ora Smith

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Silver is 5'10". She has a strong build and trains often. Silver is deathly pale, not pasty white though. She has short, silver hair that covers her left eye. Her left eye is silver and her right eye is black. A scar goes two inches above her left eye, through it, and ends a half an inch above her pink lips. Silver prefers to wear a black leather jacket, a t-shirt ((fandom based or with a funny saying)), black pants, and black combat boots. Silver always has a her high tech armband with her, from her father, and her heart locket which has a picture of her parents, from her mother. Silver also carries her tablet with her wherever she goes. Silver also has the numbers 363601782 branded on her left forearm. The armband covers it.

- Strategy
-- Planning
--- Brains
---- Tech
----- Knows German
------ Blades
------- Hand-to-hand combat
-------- Talking

- Heights
-- Depths
--- Dying
---- Others dying in her name
----- Others getting hurt in her name
------ Losing
------- Being Blinded

Weakness: Her left eye

- Jew
-- Catholic
--- Rich
---- Orphaned
----- Owns Smith Manor in New York
------ Owns Smith Inc. ((A booming tech company.))
------- Owns Frozen Memory ((A booming ice sculpture company.))
-------- Hacked into a government facility, got noticed, and then passed the tests to get here

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments We can just do one character

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments Name: Rosalie Martinez
Age: 16
Personality: TBRPED
History: Rosalie was born in a small family it was just her and her sister and mom. Her dad was killed when she was six years old she witnessed seeing him be shot in the head during a house robbery. Rosalie's mother raised her and her sister for a long time until she remarried two years ago to an Army man. She has now not just her younger sister but also her younger brothers. Rosalie is a sort of quiet person at the school she's an easy target to bullying but she doesn't let anyone get to her. She works in the school choir and is a part of the dance team and co-captain of cheer. She's very smart though because she doesn't talk much no one can see it, she does see a therapist since she was six until now for her dad's death. She takes anxiety pills and stresses over her grades and what happened to him. The day she was selected at the school to take a special government test she had a high score and didn't expect to be asked to their physical and mental tests or the fact that her step dad knows what the program is and agrees that she should go to the camp.
Skills: Athletic abilities to run, large tumbling skills, swimming, hand to hand combat, computers, and weapons.

((( Silver O. Smith - "Snug as a bug on a drug. (We Happy Few)" . . . What the hath... ))) ((I edited Silver.))

Silver sat on the bus that would take her to the school. She sat in the window seat in the way back. One suitcase in the compartment above her head, the large backpack at her feet.

Silver had her head resting against the window as the bus stopped to pick up the last kid. Silver had been on this bus for hours, ever since she got on in New York. She had watched kid after kid get on and each time felt a stab of jealously as each kid had a family to wave bye to them. Silver, being an orphan and adopted by self-centered ego maniacs, had no one to tell her bye. The Jacksons were off at a party.

Silver knew the last open seat was next to her and she was not happy. It was enough having kids look at her and then whisper to their friends, no doubt seen Silver's face in the newspaper. That and the fact that she had hacked into a government facility to get here.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments Rosalie boarded the bus after waving goodbye to her younger brothers her younger sister and her mother. She didn't have to wave at her stepfather because she would see him at the school. She looked for a seat on the bus and saw the only one open was with Silver. She sighed softly and put her bags up on the top compartment before she sat down next to her. "Hi," She said to her only wanting to be friendly though it seemed like Silver didn't want to say anything so she turned her attention to the brochure of the school.

Rosalie was excited and nervous only because every year they were sorted into a color Red, Green the Advanced Levels, Blue, and Yellow rising levels. Though each team had a Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow student. Rosalie has been in the Green Level for two years it's higher than red but it's also a bit lower. Red was for the Assassins Green was for the team Leaders, Blue was for the Talkers or negotiators and weapons, yellow was for the smart brainiacs the hackers. In her opinion, the yellows are always the best to get to know and talk too.

((( Silver O. Smith - "Snug as a bug on a drug. (We Happy Few)" . . . What the hath... ))) Silver glanced at the girl, not needing to see her again for she knew how the girl looked exactly. "Hello. Newbie or returning?" Silver asked, bored. She wanted to know if she was the only newbie on this bus or not. So far, she was and that drove her nuts.

Silver had memorized the brochure and didn't quite care what color she got, as long as it wasn't Red. Silver was not going to kill others. But she wished there was a color for spies, that she would want.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments "Returning," Rosalie answered her she smirked slightly. "Are you also returning or are you new?" She asked her curiously. She sat back hoping the car ride would go a bit fast because she hated the bus it smelled bad at times.

Rosalie looked at her camp chain and saw the amount of green that she earned while being at the camp in her high ranking she hoped that she could earn an official spot as an undercover green operative.

((( Silver O. Smith - "Snug as a bug on a drug. (We Happy Few)" . . . What the hath... ))) Silver let out a small groan before she could stop herself. "I'm new." She muttered before quickly composing herself. Silver looked at her the girl's camp chain and tilted her head. "Two years as a member of Green," she surmised. "A good leader I assume."

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments Rosalie smiled softly. "Well welcome you'll love it here." She assured her. "You could say I'm a good leader but I'm actually a undercover operative."

((( Silver O. Smith - "Snug as a bug on a drug. (We Happy Few)" . . . What the hath... ))) That got Silver's attention. "Undercover operative? Like a spy?"

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments She smiled. "That's right you're new so you'll get a explanation down at the auditorium." She said to her smiling softly.

((( Silver O. Smith - "Snug as a bug on a drug. (We Happy Few)" . . . What the hath... ))) Silver bit her lip a moment. "Thanks." She then, reluctantly, held her hand out. "I'm Silver. Silver-" She paused a moment. "Smith.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments Rosalie smiled at her. "I'm Rosalie Martinez." She shook her hand gently. She was glad to talk to her. "I hope to see you on the green team." She smiled at her. She saw the camp coming into view they were soon pulling in.

((( Silver O. Smith - "Snug as a bug on a drug. (We Happy Few)" . . . What the hath... ))) Silver gave a curt nod before looking forward. Her armband beeped and Silver looked at the text. She sighed and deleted it.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments Rosalie looked over her book and read the list of members she had last year and the year before that she wondered who she would share a cabin with this time. She looked up when they arrived she smiled softly, "You have a good day and have fun at orientation." She smiled at Silver and got up she grabbed her bags and walked off the bus showing her badge and heading in with the returning kids.

((( Silver O. Smith - "Snug as a bug on a drug. (We Happy Few)" . . . What the hath... ))) Silver grabbed her bags and walked to where the newbies were going. She hung in the back, not wanting to socialize with anyone here. No use making friends. She thought as she walked, ignoring the stares.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments "Welcome everyone come in and sits down," The director said to them. "My name is James Calloway I'm the director of this camp called Battle Strategy." He said to them smiling softly. "You were probably confused on the ride here this isn't just a school it's a training camp for talented young men and women like you that qualify as workers for the FBI and CIA. Though you may not, believe me, it is true, This program is newly started by our president who believes having small teams of younger agents can help the United States with missions adults cannot do. There are colored Rankings here." He explained. "Yellow is for our hackers those with smart technological skills, Blue is for our negotiators those that can have a big mouth and can easily work their way through hard situations. Red for the teams of our leaders, and assassins, and Green for Leaders as well and undercover operatives. In the end, you will be placed in a group that has one of each color. But for now, you will be in a group of a color you will be ranked in from a simple test you will be given later on. You do have a choice on which color you go into but I suggest you listen to the test." He explained to them. "Do you have any questions?" he asked before he explains everything else.

((( Silver O. Smith - "Snug as a bug on a drug. (We Happy Few)" . . . What the hath... ))) Silver listened, resisting the urge to take notes on her armband. She knew the security on her armband was far from anyone's ideas of security but she didn't want it to get hacked into and the information to be seen so she instead listened and committed it to memory. She didn't have any questions that would most likely not be answered later on so she remained silent in the far back.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 482 comments "Good I know this seems like a shock but there are several students here that have come here without any standards to graduate high school but they graduated here and were already moved into several agencies. With this camp, you may feel frustrated and want to quit but I would advise you not too because you will succeed you can go all the way from local agencies to international. Each day you will have several classes from combat, group activities, technology, survival, and one specific class of your choice that'll help fit your needs. Each weekend we have a game of two teams practicing a scenario with fake weapons that will train you for the real experience. The test will be starting in an hour your luggage will be brought to your cabins and you will be given a key to open the door. Each cabin will hold two males and two females. The bathroom will be shared you will have to learn to share because you don't know what kind of job you have that leads one female with five males and one bathroom." He explained. "You will be taking a tour of the camp and then you will take the test. I wish you all good luck you will receive your schedule for meals and free time in just a few minutes that will be worked with your actual schedule. Tomorrow you will watch how the camp works and then Friday you will start your schedule. I wish you all good luck."

((( Silver O. Smith - "Snug as a bug on a drug. (We Happy Few)" . . . What the hath... ))) Silver nodded, mostly to herself but she nodded nonetheless. Sharing with boys. Won't be too hard. Zach was a nice boy but I hardly doubt anyone here is like Zach.

A test. I am not surprised. Ugh! I can not wait! The suspense is killing me here!

Classes here are so much better than regular school classes and who cares about high school? I finished it when I was seven. NO one seems to understand though. Morons.

No way I'm going to quit, no matter how hard it gets. This beats living with the Jacksons. Technically anything beats living with the Jacksons. This is preferable.

Silver drummed her fingers on her knees as she waited for the system to begin.

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