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Pioneers: The First Breach
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Julia (Julia103) | 214 comments I have the paperback Pioneers: The First Breach (ISBN 9780815610847) from the library.

1) The cover appears to be the same as the ebook Pioneers: The First Breach which is already combined with this edition. The paperback is also on Amazon with this cover.

2) Please combine with hardcover edition Pioneers: The First Breach

3) The paperback has 221 pages. (Amazon says 248 pages, but my book in hand has 221.)

4) The copyright page says "Originally published in Yiddish as Pyonern Ershter tayl "Di Ershte Shvalb" (A Khronik fun di Zibetziger Yahren) (Warsaw 1927)". I'm not sure if this is enough to add a Yiddish edition, but can the original published date be added as 1927?


message 2: by Monika (new)

Monika (MonikaL) | 674 comments Hey there, I've added the cover from amazon for the pbk and combined it with the hardcover. Changed the page count to 221 based on your book in hand confirmation (I'm assuming you have gone through these guidelines, if not then please do and get back to us with the correct number). I've also added the original pub date as 1927.

Thanks for the information!

message 3: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (last edited Jul 05, 2017 09:45AM) (new)

rivka | 32468 comments Mod
Added original title. Also corrected author name to Goodreads standard, which allowed me to combine the book with its other editions.

Edit: Turns out the author has more than one similar name under which they published. All sorted now.

Julia (Julia103) | 214 comments Thank you both.

Monika - yes, 221 pages is for the pages numbered 1-221 and does not include the translator's note which is through page xvii.

Rivka - I'm not sure Pioneers: The First Breach should be combined with Pioneers: A Tale of Russian-Jewish Life in the 1880s. They are by the same author but don't have the same content.

The introduction to Pioneers: A Tale of Russian-Jewish Life in the 1880s (which I read from "See inside" on Amazon) says "The titles of the two parts of An-sky’s novel, The First Breach and Pioneers, suggest an invasion by a band of warriors. The first volume describes an early advance made into enemy territory; the second, the first party of settlers who establish a stronghold."

If part one and part two are published separately, should they still be combined? Or would this be better as a series with Pioneers: The First Breach as #1 and Pioneers: A Tale of Russian-Jewish Life in the 1880s as #2?

Thanks again.

message 5: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 32468 comments Mod
That does sound like they should be separated and made into a series. Not something I can do right now, but I can take care of it tomorrow if no one other librarian gets to it first.

message 6: by Emy (last edited Jul 07, 2017 03:25AM) (new)

Emy (EmyPT) | 4506 comments Separation in process. Will do the series shortly.

EDIT: Looking a little closer I suspect that it is possible that The First Breach is part 1 of the original work, but that Pioneers: A Tale of Russian-Jewish Life in the 1880s is sometimes a translation of the entire work. BUT the pagination disagrees (144 pages couldn't contain a 200+ book PLUS another part!). Without book-in-hand though I can't be sure.

Julia (Julia103) | 214 comments Hi Emy,

Would a comparison of the first few sentences in each book help?

From Pioneers: The First Breach (book in hand):

"A large, ungainly coach, a sort of Noah's ark stuffed with passengers, lumbered slowly and with difficulty down the wide muddy roads of Miloslavka. The pair of horses, so gaunt their ribs protruded, kept stumbling and swaying off course. The coach rocked and twisted like a ship in a storm."

From Pioneers: A Tale of Russian-Jewish Life in the 1880s (Amazon, click on Look Inside):


The young man slowly making his way down the middle of the street jumped to one side and turned to look in astonishment at the driver who had just threatened him with a fierce crack of his whip. Coming to a complete standstill, he watched with innocent curiosity as the carriage sped away."

Both of these are after introductions and translator notes.

Also, the list of Principal Characters in Pioneers: A Tale of Russian-Jewish Life in the 1880s (again from the Look Inside on Amazon) includes

Élye Éizerman -
young Jewish student who has run away from his home in the small town of Miloslavka and come to the “big” city; the character appeared earlier in the first part of An-sky’s novel The First Breach

The main character in The First Breach is named Zalman Itzkowitz. That name isn't listed in the list of Principal Characters in Pioneers: A Tale of Russian-Jewish Life in the 1880s

(I'm on page 103 of The First Breach and haven't met Elye yet.)

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