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message 1: by Alex (last edited Jul 04, 2017 10:41AM) (new)

Alex (asato) | 2963 comments Is a public apology and going to therapy really enough? Are the many men who've recently resigned over sexual harrassment really changing or do they and other men need to learn by taking the real consequences: lawsuits and a lightening of their pocketbooks?

And why is sexual harrassment such a problem in one of the supposedly most liberal areas in the world? Does the centralization of wealth and hence power in a male-dominated economic sector reflect the old adage: power corrupts? Does the US government need to force a more equitable gender rebalancing of high-tech investment venture (startup) capital (VC)?
But looking long-term, a more gender-diverse technology industry is seen as the only genuine solution to this problem.

"I'm always hoping that more women get into the game," Ms Livingston continues.

"We do need to have more female venture capitalists (VCs), and managing director level VCs. Almost all of them are men.

(Silicon Valley's women have spoken. Now what?
'I'm a creep': Tech boss Dave McClure resigns after harassment claims

message 2: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Williams (houseofwilliams) | 1386 comments I think its the fact that tech remains a very male-dominated industry, regardless of where the industry is headquartered. Still, its a good point, seeing as how both Silicon Valley and the tech industry as a whole prides itself on being forward-thinking and progressive. As for these "rehabilitation" stints, I think you hit it on the head. These are seen as the alternative to lawsuits and a lighter pocket book. No real penance or admission of responsibility is happening here, just acknowledgment of liability.

message 3: by Nik (last edited Jul 04, 2017 11:45AM) (new)

Nik Krasno | 7775 comments S. harassment happens everywhere, likely - less in the Valley than in other places. It's either a harassment or an affair (B. Clinton, Petraeus), it seems, no middle ground -:)

message 4: by J.J. (new)

J.J. Mainor | 1207 comments To derail a little, you ask why this goes on in one of the most liberal of areas. It's the Not in my Backyard mentality. Everyone believes in these noble social issues like equality until it lands on their doorstep. Think about the issue of slavery here in the States and consider that we were taught the North was the bastion of emancipation. It was the North that fought efforts to allow freed/escaped slaves to be recaptured and returned. It was Northern abolitionists that called for the end of slavery, but after the slaves were freed and African Americans fled north to escape Jim Crow, the North demonstrated a level of racism that almost rivaled the South. Prior to the Supreme Court striking down portions of the Voting Rights Act, portions of New York, South Dakota, and Michigan required preclearance of their voting maps.
MLK was met with angry mobs and took a stone to the head when he went to Chicago.

"I have never seen, even in Mississippi and Alabama, mobs as hateful as I've seen here in Chicago," King told reporters that day, stripping off his tie and vowing to continue demonstrating.

Guess there was a recent episode at Fenway Park in Boston...
"The news that Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones was subjected to racial epithets at Fenway Park on Monday during the Orioles 5-2 victory over the Red Sox put a city with a checkered racial past — on and off the field — back on the defensive."

It's not just a matter of race and gender's a wind farm project that supposedly clean-energy Democrats decided to oppose.

"other opponents have included Senator Ted Kennedy,[58] Sen. John Kerry,..."

"Proponents suggest that some of this opposition is motivated in part by ownership of real-estate on Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard or the mainland and that it raises issues of environmental justice. Robert Kennedy, Jr., whose family's Kennedy Compound is within sight of the proposed wind farm, wrote an essay for the New York Times stating his support for wind power in general, but opposing this project"

message 5: by Leonie (last edited Jul 10, 2017 09:08PM) (new)

Leonie (LeonieRogers) | 597 comments I suspect it has less to do with 'liberalness' and more to do with a male dominated industry.

Speaking as a woman, who has worked and volunteered in male dominated fields, harassment becomes acceptable when no-one speaks out. It becomes a part of the industry culture.

Look to the industry leaders, and maybe you'll see a reason.

I also agree with the 'Not in my Backyard' view - people choose not to see what they don't want to see.

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