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Patricia Ferlaino I reviewed an advanced copy of Luke Steel's Hot List. It is centred around Caleb and Audrey, they have been friends and real estate agents co-workers. Tension ensues when Audrey is offered the dream job that Caleb wanted. They both are competing to sell the same lake house property. Hot sexy weekend takes place. I enjoyed the book!!

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Kathryn Hickling "The Hot List" - Watch you don't burn your fingers while reading this!!
Another great story from Luke Steel. Caleb and Audrey have a history of something that almost happened and a perceived betrayal that ripped them apart. Now they are thrown together by a warring couple of divorcees trying to get one up over the other on the sale of their joint properties. Caleb has been appointed by the husband and Audrey by the wife. Can they work through the old issues and both come out on top. Or will their second chance fall at the first hurdle!!
Beautifully written and very sexy. An all round well written and fun tale of love and misunderstandings and that HEA!!
It's nice to read another hot story written by a man where the woman isn't the only one at fault. Luke Steel has a very strong sense of right and wrong on both sides in his writing and a sensitivity that makes you feel for both parties, you feel that you can invest your time in a good romance with his books. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review of the book. I must admit I love his books and bought every one I think I must check the list to make sure I haven't missed one yet!!
Happy Reading! Well worth it! you won't be disappointed.

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