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Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 255 comments Mod
Please take this survey to let me know about how you participated in the readalong. There is also a question asking for nominations for next time, but I will ask for that another place as well.

Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 255 comments Mod
11 responses.

Did you read along?
Yes - 10
Other - 1 (Started but couldn't finish)

Where did you post about the readalong? (I asked this wrong and should have allowed multiple answers)
Goodreads - 6
Litsy - 5

Did you participate in the Goodreads discussion?
Yes - 9
No - 2

Do you have any suggestions?

No - super fun hearing everyone's reaction to the section

No suggestions. I just wanted to comment that I had planned/hoped to participate in the Goodreads discussion but real life responsibilities got in the way.

I posted only twice - but truly enjoyed following the discussion.

It's probably just the over-achieving student in me, but I think a few kick-off questions for each section would be helpful. That's something that could be pretty easily delegated or borrowed from an online study guide, I think!

Did you participate in the final online chat?
Yes - 2
No - 9

Thoughts on the final chat?

I had a great time participating. I agree that three is a good number. I'm not sure how it would've gone if there were quite a few more people


I would have loved to participate but my timezone makes it tricky to do so

I really enjoyed listening to the final chat, and hope a final chat is included in a future readalong.

Should we have another readalong?
Yes - 11
No - 0

If we do, when should we start?
September - 7
November - 3
December - 1

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Jeff (Jeff_Koeppen) | 59 comments Timshel!

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